AdWords Call Metrics Now Available To All Users

Recently, Google announced that they are opening up Call Metrics to all AdWords Advertisers in the US and Canada.

“Call Metrics, a simple way to get more phone calls and detailed call reports with AdWords, is now available to all advertisers in the US and Canada. Availability was limited since the introduction in November 2010, so thanks for holding.”

The basics of Call Metrics include Google auto generating a toll-free number and inserting it next to your ad text.  When someone calls the number Google automatically recognizes the generated number and forwards the call to your actual business number.  With the announcement of opening Call Metrics to all users in the US and Canada came the following additional features noted in the Inside AdWords blog:

1. More detailed reporting. In March we enhanced Call Metrics reporting to show the time, duration, and caller area code for each call. Based on advertiser feedback, we’re now making reporting available at the ad group and campaign level for manually-dialed calls (subject to minimum volume). And you’ll still be able to segment reports to compare how many calls were received from mobile clicks-to-call and how many were manually dialed after the ad was shown on a desktop, notebook, or tablet computer.

2. New pricing for certain calls. A $1 USD (or equivalent in CAD) charge applies to manually dialed calls completed to your Google forwarding numbers. These calls occur when a potential customer on a desktop, notebook or tablet computer sees your ad and dials the number shown.

Pricing for mobile clicks-to-call remains unchanged, whether you use Call Metrics or not. They continue to be charged as regular mobile search ad clicks.

3. Call Extensions replace Phone Extensions. To reduce possible ambiguity, we’ve renamed Phone Extensions to Call Extensions.

Google notes that manually entered numbers will default to a $1.00 USD charge, with mobile calls costing the same as a traditional click would costs the advertiser.  Google does not address the issue of how Skype users will be treated on desktop computers.

To enable Call Extensions just go to the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords account and use the drop down menu under view to select Call Extensions.

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Users are also able to opt out of the non-mobile calls by choosing the option while setting up the Call Extension:

Make sure to choose the right format for your campaigns – happy tracking!

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