9 Essential Things Successful Digital Marketers Do Differently

digital marketing success wordleI read an amazing post on Business Week a few days ago and was inspired by it! Being successful at anything requires a few essential things the ability and flexibility to create new habits of mind when it’s time to create new habits, the ability to focus on what’s important in order to be successful and that’s what this post is all about.

Read it here: 9 Things Successful People Do Differently 

I decided to rewrite it to take into account what it takes to be successful as a digital marketer using a similar list, and so here we have the 9 Things Successful Digital Marketers Do Differently, I have added the word ESSENTIAL to the heading as most of these are just that:

Seize the Moment: Once you have planned your digital media and social networking you will be able to relax a little knowing that if you stick to your plan you will achieve your outcomes and this allows you to relax a little. That’s when you can ‘seize the moment’ by noticing the latest trends and news and using these to boost your public profile, content shares and boosts and create more buzz leveraging a high ranking phrase or news for your posts.

Seizing the Moment can also be used in your Time Management as if you have a few minutes spare or you are at a function or event grab your smart phone and check in and make a considered comment, tag others and share the energy of your whereabouts and those you are with for more brand awareness.

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Know Exactly What Works and What Doesn’t. Achieving those goals and outcomes is very important to you, and it should be important enough to check what’s working and what isn’t. Spending a lot of time doing something that is not essentially bringing you closer to your desired outcomes is not only a waste of your valuable time and energy, it is also lost time in reaching those goals and outcomes. Regularly check what posts and content are working for you and which ones are not, what kinds of conversations create lots of comments and which ones do not. This kind of measurement may be less than accurate where ROI is concerned, but it can pay dividends in more shares, likes, pluses, comments and engagement, and that’s the bottom line when it comes to digital media.

Be real and realistic. Being real is one of the MOST important things successful digital marketers do. This being said they don’t air their dirty laundry out for all to see, however they do make sure they are themselves and allow their audience to see that. I am always waffling on about authenticity in social marketing, however it has now become somewhat of a catchphrase for many who are being anything but. Being real is about being you, meeting your clients and customers where they are and allowing that genuine relationship to build trust and loyalty for your brand.

Being realistic is also of major importance when it comes to social networking online, it takes time and your goals as pertains your numbers and dollars made may need to take this into account, depending on how well you have put the first rest of these tips to good effect.

Be an optimist. Always comment and post in a positive way, even if you happen to disagree there is never a need to get nasty. Remember you are being watched by your audience, clients, customers and market keep this in mind wherever ou are and with everything you say.

Focus On Getting Better. Reaching your first set of goals means one basic thing, time for a SWOT and a brainstorming meeting with your marketing and social marketing managers, invested staff and yourself. Learn from the past and take what works into the future with you, and add some new tactics to the mix, improve your messages and content and keep learning and keeping up with what’s new in the social marketing scene. It changes almost daily!

Have Grit. Remember digital media is a longer haul, Yes there are ways to speed things up, however it is still a slower process than other marketing channels have been in the past. So why bother? Because this is the way ALL marketing is going, this is the way it is going to work from now on, so you better start now and get used to it!!

Build Your Digital Media Muscle. Building your digital media muscle is just like building any other muscle, just because you are not used to doing things this way doesn’t mean you can’t learn to do it, or create a new habit. It starts in your mind, this is the most important part to get right, once you have your mindset right, the rest is easy. Just like exercising your body, your digital media muscles will build and become strong and eventually it will be as easy as walking, talking or any other activity you had to learn how to do.

Don’t tempt fate. There are a LOT of ways, ideas and information on how to use internet marketing, social and digital media and good marketing some of them are good, some not. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by information, don’t tempt fate by doing anything that is inauthentic, or will do more harm than good to your brand reputation online. Remember there are lots of ways to get noticed not all of them good. It’s not true that all publicity is good publicity in the age of social media or in brand marketing.

Focus on what you WILL do, not on what you WON’T do. No matter what you are learning to do, it’s is so much easier when you start out focusing on the things that are easiest for you and the things you enjoy doing. So figure out what you will do, many of my clients play with the different platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter and then choose one of them to start with. Just the one they like best, the one that fits their personality best, this makes it easier to create the new habit, it eases you into using digital media. Once there is a new habit on one site adding another site becomes a much less onerous task, in fact it can then be enjoyable as you have already become relaxed with the skills using the platform you liked first.

I hope that you have gained some insight into how success comes to those who do what it takes, are able to be real, and focus on getting the job done. I also hope you have seen the places where you need to create new habits, starting with your habits of mind as much as anywhere else. Get help when you need it from a professional, it can save you time and money, both of which if you’re anything like me is in short supply.

Oh, and come back and let me know how you go :)

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