9 Elements of an eCommerce Website Design You Can’t Live Without and the 27 Stats to Prove It

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  • Fantastic article, though I would query point 8 regarding the number of users who ignored paid ads versus organic listings: the SERPs look very different now compared to two years ago when that study was published (PPC now has PLAs, seller ratings, enhanced site links, etc) which renders that study a weak source in the context. :)

    Sorry to flag that up in what is otherwise a great piece!

  • Pow thanks for the post Lindsey – love point 8 about SEO close rates…

    I’d add an SEO/ Link Building point to the SEO section – only build your links to drive rankings, its quite uncommon to close a deal from a backlink – intergrating images into your link building campaign (such as the brand logo) again can improve the click through rate of your links but again the point of a link building campaign for an ecommerce website is to aggregate rankings. Keep this in mind if you are undertaking SEO for your ecommerce site.

    Other than that – what a great read and some brilliant facts and references cited! Thanks for sharing Lindsey!


  • @Alex…I disagree with your statement. I have proof that SEM has declined to a point where it is no longer relevant and many large corporations have dropped it completely, putting those dollars into traditional marketing. Not only did they regain lost market share, they actually increase their market share with offline to online marketing campaigns. And a very large Insurance company (can’t mention their name here) has 400 Million dollars a year worth of proof!

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