7 Ways to Add "WOW" Factor to Your Landing Pages

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  • Wow..I really enjoyed reading this article..especially since I do landing pages for local businesses and myself…time to go through my squeeze pages/landing pages to add more interaction with my tabs!!

    Thanks again!! :)

  • We’ve found with http://www.kickofflabs.com that generally more flash = lower conversions. You want great looking, but not too flashy.

    Rotators for images and such = Good.
    Videos = Good
    Tabs & Links = Distracting and lower conversion rates for our customers.
    Social widgets = Good after the conversion and distracting before.

    It goes without saying to A/B test or your mileage may vary.

  • Jeremy,

    Thanks for the great feedback. Tabs are definitely a good way to elegantly display more content, without letting your visitors leave the page!


    Thanks for reading. With LiveBall (http://www.ioninteractive.com/liveball-marketing-software) you don’t need to use Flash, javascript or code to add “wow” factor to your landing pages. Of course, we always recommend testing interactivity to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact conversion rates.

    Jessica Collier

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