7 Great Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

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  • I would love to learn exactly how to merge my Google local page with my Google+ business page. I’ve not yet been able to discover how to do this, despite posts such as this referring to the possibility – “look for the opportunity to merge them (in the Google Places dashboard”

    • Hi Mark,
      They only let you merge them if the G+ biz page was originally created under the category of “Local Business.” If so, then the offer to merge them may appear when logging into the Places dashboard. Otherwise, unfortunately there isn’t a way to merge if the biz page was not initially created as a “Local Business” page. Hope that helps.

  • Great internet marketing tips for 2014! In my indispensable view number one is the most valuable. Market Smarter, Not Harder. Knowing where to spend your precious time (the strategy) is more important than any tactic.

  • Google+ has indeed became a very useful tool for marketing. Thank you for the article. Hope to keep getting new ideas.

  • I’ve gotta say that number 1 has to be the most important, and it should be expanded out to setting a budget for traffic generation and reach for your whole website which most businesses are not doing

  • Very good list. But, what about blog commenting and industry relevant forums? Many digital marketers have given up on these and are always forgetting to mention these little gems that Google still values in its algos.

  • Anita your points are valid. That said most local business owners fail because they do not select a set of digital tools and learn how to use them. A good farmer has a set of tools that he masters and uses. He also learns how to maintain them. For instance he has a plough to till the land, a tractor or horse to draw it and a farm hand to assist him (usually the wife). Once the crop is planted he’ll not harvest till it’s ripe. If he did, he’d make losses and the missus would go missing… If the rains are late they might well turn to irrigation. The same rule applies business. Most business fail due to lack of strategy, knowledge and delays in bring the service/product to market. Digital marketing insights are therefore essential for local business to identify, plan, target and retain the best customers and prospects online.

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