5 Web Design Considerations that Many Clients Do Not Consider

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  • I’d suggest adding

    “Get ready for campaigns”. Websites are owned by the marketing team or business owner who in turn are responsible for revenue. Make sure you have landing page concepts are prepared ahead of time so when your busy season nears or that new product is ready to launch, your online real estate is able to be deployed in a good amount of time.

  • I agree with what you have said about Responsive Web Design. It is very important to identify the number of templates, controls and variations in the website. The design phase should be given more importance then development when working with RWD. Smooth execution of RWD project consists of: Identification of themes and design variations in the website, e.g., home page, inner page, profile page etc. Identification of controls used in the website e.g., Banner, Slider, Calendar control etc.

    Use of proven available frameworks e.g., Bootstrap, JQuery and others which will give you a base to create RWD, reduce the overall effort in development and test the output on different devices Design and Review of each control on different devices and check rendering, loading, and usability before using them in actual development Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed, you can proceed further and develop the actual website in RWD It may take more time to design and more time in overall project life cycle. However, it gives the business numerous advantages e.g., ease of website maintenance, less cost and time to develop a separate website for each devices and numerous other advantages.

    Increasing the use of a website and monitoring traffic from tablets and mobile devices is necessary to build business and improve the traffic to the site or portal. There are obvious advantages to responsive web design in this regard: 1. Reach your audience easily through tablet and mobile 2. Improve conversion and sales ratio 3. Consolidate analytics 4. Improve search engine visibility 5. Save cost and time in mobile development 6. Simplify website maintenance .

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