5 Ways to Improve Online Lead Generation

Many B2B marketers live by single a measurement: the number of quality leads generated for the sales team. This is why it’s crucial for B2B marketers to make sure landing pages are optimized for maximum online lead generation potential.

To get more sizzle in your efforts, consider these five options for converting more landing page visitors into leads:

Five Ways to Improve Online Lead Generation

1. Forms come first

When it comes to improving online lead generation, start with your forms. Finding a balance between the information you need to get from your visitors and how much information they’ll be ready to trust you with at this point is the key. Don’t ask for too much information from your visitor — only what you truly need to know at first in order for them to move into the next step of your online experience or lead nurturing program. Ask your team whether each additional field is worth a lower conversion rate. Save the rest of your questions for later on when you can take advantage of progressive profiling to gradually learn more and more about your leads.

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2. Pre-qualify with segmentation

Segmentation is a way to provide your visitors with a more targeted landing page experience while also learning more about them. In order for segmentation to work, visitors have to get the sense that by selecting one of your segmentation choices they are going to get something more specific to them and therefore more valuable. Well-designed segmentation options not only provide your visitors with a better experience, but they get your visitors into qualitative groups that are strategically better or worse for your organization.

3. Use a strong, exciting pitch

Too many B2B marketing pages have stiff and unexciting messaging. This not only kills your conversion rate, it can turn off your visitors from coming back. Instead, try some more creative and exciting ways to convey your marketing messages. Make your visitors excited about you and what you can do for them!  Business buyers are human and to increase your online lead generation efforts, appeal to their emotions by making a connection and sparking their interest.

4. Think beyond the landing page

Get of the landing page rut and expand your definition of what a conversion-oriented experience can be. Not all conversion-oriented experiences need to be a simple, single landing page. Try using segmentation paths, conversion paths and even microsites too! Think about which experience helps to best meet the needs of your visitors, because that will ultimately help you the most with your online lead generation.  For instance, if your visitors are facing a big decision then perhaps a microsite is needed in order to offer all of the content they will need. Whereas, if visitors just want to get a white paper then a simple, single landing page with a form is probably preferrable. Test your assumptions about what type of experience makes the most sense — it’s the only way to know what your visitors really want.

5. Test and test again

The only way to know if a new landing page layout or idea will result in more leads is through testing. Test everything from your content, to adding interactive content like image rotators to incorporating social widgets. By continually testing, you will learn what works to bring in more leads and boost your online lead generation efforts.

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