5 Top Web Design Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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  • Good work. Those design will be very helpful for every new web designer to follow such news to become a good web designer. This blog really sounds good to me and i got inspired by this. “The time reducing of a website to upload from the server” that point is effective.

  • I agree with all of the above points bar 1.
    Avoiding javascript is a good rule of thumb .. but at all costs?

    Not necessarily a good move to make when as Duncan said.. a pure HTML CSS3 web design is incompatible in many places.

    You need to get the right balance between SEO, compatibility and user experience.

  • @Duncan Marshall there isn’t that big of a compatibility issue with CSS3. You could however make fallbacks for IE 6 or 7, because some elements still don’t render. I personally code all of my websites for current, and (1) version back only.

  • I can’t agree with this enough, have a slick and fast loading site is integral to attracting and keeping traffic. In addition the more crawlable information you can give search engines the richer your content will be.

  • Using css3 coding isn’t going to increase your traffic. In fact it will limit the user experience for people using older browsers and your number of return visitors will decrease. The idea is to reduce load time, but don’t compromise on user experience.

  • Yes, I am agree with you. As search engines can not read the text written on images. The five steps given in the blog has their own importance to make a website SEO friendly and to increase the traffic.

  • Very useful information, David.

    I actually need to implement some of the tips you have mentioned, mainly due to slow site loading, and a few other issues…

    I use a mobile responsive design, add alt text on images…

    Though, I need to get around to compressing images, and do more to speed my site up….

    I cannot complain too much though, as some sites I have visited are so slow when loading, I get tired of waiting and go to visit some other sites instead…

    Another issue is, some sites will not even load up(you cannot even get to their site) from the search engines…and this is the case with some quite popular sites, too…

    This may be just a glitch with that individual page not loading up , or something more serious…either way, it must have some effect on the sites, and would cost them in the long run…

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