5 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Enforce In Your Company

What do real estate and online marketing have in common? Together they can create a video marketingcomprehensive strategy that is guaranteed to become a requirement with your business. Okay, maybe not something completely in common, but you get the idea.

Besides, if you aren’t using online marketing tools for your real estate business now, then it’s better now than never to make sure you are staying competitive. But like with any industry, there are certain real estate marketing tools which all agents and businesses need to know about and should be staples for any marketing strategy.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others

You already have a Facebook and Twitter, but have you created an account on Pinterest for your company? How about a LinkedIn or Google+ account? While having profiles on major networks are well and good, don’t forget about the other big name contenders which can also serve a purpose for your business. For example, Pinterest has become hugely popular with all types of industries, even realtors can utilize it for content marketing efforts.

2. Email marketing generation software

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Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are the biggest subscription and email marketing services that can help you manage all of your leads beyond your real estate lead capture software. All of those interested users coming in from your website, landing pages, Facebook, or even viewers watching your online video can all be engaged and become subscribers and potential long-term customers. Don’t leave work without email marketing!

3. Lead generation software

Complimentary to email marketing is lead generation, which is normally the follow-up of collecting email and user information to keep your leads warm. Any reasonable list of real estate marketing tools will have some sort of lead generation software like RealLead or Share-a-Sale, but lead generation doesn’t have to be a stand alone thing. It can be integrated into your content marketing, like video.

4. Video and image editing programs

Having clear and professional looking photos is essential for any real estate company, but sometimes the programs can be expensive or even require valuable time to learn everything. You can always rely on the Internet to provide easy and comprehensive editing tools for all of your pictures and video, though!Real Estate Marketing Tools

5. SMS services for gathering data and promotions

While you’re out and about, don’t miss anything when you have fully utilized texting SMS services for collecting and organizing phone numbers and being able to blast out information over SMS for marketing promotions. SMS through email and SMS shortcodes are some of the ways you can do that.

There are several other real estate video marketing tools you can use to see great results, such as QR code generators that can be used on all of your digital and traditional marketing materials as well as instantly creating a mobile version of your website through Instant Mobilizer. Or, you can browse real estate buying website Zillow for potential research purposes.

However, the biggest chunk of your online marketing will more than likely come in the form of content marketing–especially with video. The great thing about video is that most of these tools can be embedded and integrated with your video player for a fully-formed online campaign. And most of these tools are all budget friendly to boot!

Are you using any of these marketing tools for your real estate business?

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