5 Online Video Players That Make YouTube Look Ancient

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    • Thanks Kyle! Wistia is great for that purpose. That’s why I included it in the list. Amazing what tool we have at our disposal now!

    • Thanks Jeff. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Fooo before. Apparently it has 300 million videos. Great list by the way. Don’t forget to share this post if you enjoyed it too.

  • Thanks for mentioning Viewbix Steve. I wanted to let you know that now we have PRO plans starting at just $5 a month for a customized player. We have also released a new studio which makes setting up your Viewbix even more user friendly.

    • Ben, what the Hek happened to $ per month??? NOW $300 per month!!!! wt?
      there is no free acccount anymore, and crazy high per month fee only!

  • This is a really good list. I wasn’t familiar with them all but am very interested in new video tools so here’s my input:

    I currently use Camtasia (windows as I didn’t like the mac version as much) and post to youtube. I also use mailchimp, wordpress and twitter so that compatibility is important. My primary call to action interest is email list building, forms completion, generating phone calls.

    Vooplayer- I was going to try a test and went to checkout, which uses jvzoo.com. What’s that? An affiliate payment system I’m unfamiliar with so I dug deeper. Whenever a company completely hides their contact information, I run. Too risky.

    Leadplayer – I was about to click and buy and decided to see what else there was. That’s how I ended up here. I think it’s a great easy to use product and I like how I can add it to my existing youtubevideos. No free trial, but money back guarantee. I’d want the $140 version so am going to try this one last since there is no free trial and it has fewer features that may be of interest.

    Wistia- I like the social, mobile, CTA and it has 3 free video’s for life. It doesn’t scare me about needing Amazon S3. If it gets results, who cares?

    Easy Video Suite- With the steeper price ($397 unlimited, no ads), this is best if selling a product with click to buy so not a good fit for me.

    Viewbix- I’ve shied away from SaaS solutions for a lot of reasons. For power users, looks like a good solution.

    Lastly, I recommend always considering whether the company is likely to be around in the future, and if the company is gone, how will that impact your videos? Start-ups come and go all the time, so hosting on youtube and using Leadplayer is much lower risk than some of the other options.

    • Hi Christine – I’m one of the owners of VooPlayer, thanks for your interest in checking us out. JVZOO.com is a payment and affiliate platform and their contact information is readily available from their homepage as well as their whois domain record. I was surprised by your comment so I just wanted to clarify that. Good luck with your online business :)


  • Great article!!

    I really need a way (preferrably free) to embed videos on my website without the video saying “Watch on Youtube” or whatever. Cause I need to restrict my videos to members only and don’t want people to see the URL link to the video.

    Please help!!


  • Gah, so many options! I just want one that will hide the YouTube brand (and maybe even allow me to use my own logo). I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a plugin that will do just that one thing. :/

  • Viewbix is now $350 a month!!!!
    That’s a big leap from the $10 a month they used to charge.
    Sure, it’s a great software, but WOWZERS…not at that price.

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