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5 Must-Know Words & Expressions in Internet Marketing

Online Marketing

5 Must Know Words & Expressions in Internet Marketing image 014 ilive2013l 300x200Which are the latest neologies, mottos and other expressions in Internet marketing which you should know by heart? The world’s best online marketing gurus shared some of them with us at Europe’s leading Internet and digital marketing conference – iLive 2013. What are these expressions and how can you make use of them in your marketing campaigns?

A.G. – After Google

What is it? A.G. or After Google is the new era in which we live today, according to Dietmar Dahmen, Digital Brand Expert. Some marketers say Google is a god, others call it a devil. But in any case, Google’s importance is indisputable when it comes to online marketing.

How to live in this era? Sepita Ansari, Catbird Seat CEO and SEO Content Expert, highlighted at the conference Google’s recent changes in order to protect itself against Internet garbage. So you should continue with unique content and natural links, and stop link exchanges, link buyers, spam links, hidden links or link velocity, otherwise you could receive bans or so-called Google’s kiss of death. Meanwhile, Dave Chaffey, SmartInsights co-founder and CEO, strongly recommends using Google+ social network to strengthen any brand position in Google searches.


What is it? Nowism is a neology invented by Dietmar Dahmen expressing the marketing urgency of nowadays.

How to live with it? Firstly, nowisms are emotional. As customers’ decisions are getting more and more emotional, marketing offers must respond to emotions, so a late response is no response. Secondly, nowisms are trustworthy. You must take into account that people will rely increasingly on a random opinion given some minutes ago than on the company’s official statement some months ago. Finally, nowisms are effective. As Dietmar said, time sensitive ads are 500% more effective than usual ads. Respond quickly to unexpected events, even if it is not included in your online marketing plan. Email will be the fastest and easiest to reach your audience. And use more live streams, videos and one-to-one communication in your marketing.

Don’t go local, go customer

What does it mean? This is how Andy Atkins-Krueger, WebCertain Group CEO and co-founder of the International SEO school, rephrased the well-known expression “Think global, act local”.

How to do that? Online marketers are finally becoming aware of a global market that actually consists of numerous local markets. But even a local market is not that simply understandable. Take, for example, such a local market as China. How many marketers have failed considering it as one local market? So even if you go local, reach out to each customer as personally as you can. We at Mailigen recommend you to use behavioral segmentation and personalization when creating email marketing campaigns.


What is it? My-vertising is yet another neology created by Dietmar Dahmen that expresses the changes in how usual advertising has become extremely personal and customer-oriented.

How to use it? This goes hand in hand with the above mentioned localization and personalization. When creating any promo campaign, think carefully about how you can make clients identify themselves with your offer and brand. Michael Aagaard, call to action and content expert at ContentVerve, presented tips during the conference on how to personalize call to action buttons. For example, create text from the point of view of the reader replacing “Start YOUR Free Trial” with “Start MY Free Trial”. Read more about how to optimize your call to action.

In God we trust – all the others must bring data

What does it mean? This expression was mentioned at the iLive 2013 conference by Luke Brynley-Jones, Our Social Times CEO and Co-founder, when talking about social media measurement. Alexey Petrov, Account Strategist at Google, added that only 6% of all decisions are based on data.

How to make use of it? As Andy Atkins-Krueger stated, research before you go and after you arrive. Be a smart marketer and scrupulously analyze campaign results in order to squeeze out the best so it can be included in your further online marketing campaigns.

Online marketing is one of the fastest changing means of communication. What was on the top yesterday, today is no longer working. We hope these new expressions will not only enrich your marketing vocabulary but will also improve your Internet marketing plans and strategies for the best in the future.

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