5 Conversion Basics to Remember for Any Landing Page

When you skip over the basic conversion optimization fundamentals, your conversion rate will suffer.  As we create more and more advanced pages and are focused on incorporating the coolest new technology, we can loose site of these basic best practices.

What are these landing page basics? Let’s take a look and see if your landing page strategy is missing any of these essentials:

5 Conversion Basics to Remember for Any Landing Page

1. Focus on one thing

When it comes to creating or modifying your landing page, always keep to one goal – converting your visitor into a lead. Too often, landing pages include all kinds of added offers or verbiage that detract from simply converting the reader.

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Although it may seem like a good idea to add more offers or try to sell something else, keep your conversion optimization basics in mind and just focus on the goal, and nothing else.

2. Keep messaging uniform

Here’s one I’ve seen often: I click on a link from a PPC ad or an offer for a free demo, but instead of showing that same offer, the landing page gives me a switched message to sell me something different.

Your messages need to be consistent. That means maintaining message consistency from lead source (i.e. email, ad, blog post, etc.) to landing page – don’t try to “bait and switch” anyone. If you do, you’ll watch your abandon rates increase and conversion rates plummet.

3. Wow with your headline

Just as with any other piece of content, if your headline doesn’t wow your reader, they won’t want to read the next line. Don’t skimp or think your headline isn’t worth putting in some effort and thought – it is and you’re conversion rates will prove it to you.

4. Remember spelling and grammar

You can have all the conversion optimization techniques down pat, but it won’t make much of a difference if your copy has errors in punctuation and grammar.

Bottom line is that errors diminish the reader’s confidence in your business and your offer. After all, many phishing sites and other risky webpages are riddled with spelling errors. For me, if I encounter poor grammar on a landing page I tend to err on the side of safety and click on the back button until I find a competing offer that displays professionalism throughout.

5. Don’t confuse, just convert

Speaking of your landing page’s copy, don’t confuse your reader with a bunch of techno jargon – unless you’re confident that language will connect with target prospects. This isn’t just basic practice for landing pages: it’s just good writing. If you’re writing your copy aimed at sales professionals, but include words only engineers understand, you’ll surely see a drop in conversions.

Simply put, keep your copy easy to understand and write for your intended audience, without a bunch of overly complicated words or jargon that no one cares about. Impress your visitors with your service or product, not your vocabulary. To ensure your copy doesn’t become overly complex, ask a colleague to review. Often a fresh set of eyes will help point out any unnecessary or confusing text.

There you have it5 Conversion Basics to Remember for Any Landing Page’. Remember, it’s not just about trying all the new and shiny strategies, it’s about converting prospects into leads and sometimes that requires getting back to basics.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • Surge Labs says:

    Great article Anna! One thing I would add to the list is to test everything. Changes to headlines, call-to-actions, colors, photos and anything else should be tested using A/B and multivariate testing to show which changes draw the highest conversion rates.

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