4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

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  • Jen Dale says:

    It’s an interesting discussion, as the Internet affords us an unlimited platform to easily collect information about customers. That said, I don’t believe a website, or any of the data resources mentioned, will replace focus groups. #1 would require qualitative research to better understand the collective online behavior, #2 is marketing 101 for follow-up and bounceback sales promotions, #3 is social media listening and typically analyzed quantitatively and #4 can be an overwhelming goldmine, but often the responsibility of someone other than the market researcher in the company.

    The bigger challenge for marketers today lies in understanding how to manage all this data so the findings are useful and actionable. Because lots of website data is simply lots of website data. The real value lies in the analysis. Good analysis requires good qualitative research.

  • Paul Dunay says:

    @Jen – all fair points

    2 things I would add would be:
    1) the nice part about lots of web data is that its “behavioral” data on how customers and prospects act on your site – lots of good conclusions can come from analysis of that data
    2) this is a fine time to be in marketing since there is so much data at your disposal and there are a ton of vendors out there trying help crack the code for how it can be helpful to marketers

    thanks for the comment …

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