2012 Will Divide SEO Practitioners Into Two Camps

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  • This article is really saying that all forms of SEO need to merge in order to be successful. I believe most of the work will be done by the content marketers/social media camp, using the technical wizards as back up to make sure that websites are search engine friendly.

  • Linbuilding will still be effective in 2012, at least until agentrank is off the ground. I don’t think they’ll ever fully supplant links with social signals in the algorithm but if I were a linkbuilder I’d be looking at diversifying my skill set right about now.

  • I could get clear info about 2012 SEO and how it should work by this post. it is always being a suggestion that making quality content will score more gain in SERP for a site. The little hard is to becoming an expert in programming site. They also tend to be clear to explain about the affecting-algorithm for their client’s website and to give suggestion for their subset.

  • Quite interesting article, gave me a lot of food for thougt and as you mention the new way of seo are to incoorporate all three overall aspects in to the marketing mix – i’m a believer :-) .

  • Chad,

    Good thoughts here. The biggest challenge for SEOs is figuring out how to blend social tactics with content marketing and technical SEO. Many clients prefer to manage their own social accounts. I think there needs to be more education around using social and SEO together. Clients need to know how important it is to stay active in social in order to see results in search.


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