14 Fresh Email Marketing Insights for 2012

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  • Maybe one should look at another marketing opportunity and that is the emails we all send every day. I represent a company that has developed a solution for just those emails and thus this post.

    The basic idea behind WRAPmail is to utilize the facts that almost everyone have websites (corporate and/or social network site) and also send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. WRAPmail is available for free (with 3rd party ads) or for a small license fee at http://www.wrapmail.com. No routines change as users simply download a toolbar or routes emails via Google or WRAPmail’s servers.

    WRAPmail also helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children

  • I would argue that email is still the most effective online marketing tool, and also the most efficient. The technology is very cheap, and with a good database it allows for very effective segmentation resulting in targeted mareketing.

    While the younger generation tends to use social media (as mentioned in the article), most of the professional demographic still use email as their primary medium of online communication.

    Therefore, I see great potential for email marketing, and I can tell from experience that companies benefit from it immensely.

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