12 eCommerce Best Practices

More and more businesses are buying and selling products and services via the Internet. This practice is commonly referred to as eCommerce. eCommerce involves many different technologies including online transactions, funds transfer, and electronic data exchange. As eCommerce because a mainstream part of life, businesses must get on board and make sure their customers have smooth transactions when purchasing products online.

Here are 12 eCommerce best practices you need for a solid digital marketing strategy:

  1. When a customer creates an online profile on your website to purchase your products or services, allow them to use their email address instead of a creating a username. It’s easier to remember and always unique.
  2. Use breadcrumbs on your website to help customers know where they are in your online store. Amazaon.com uses this process so you know it’s good.
  3. Ensure that your contact information is always available and easy to see. This way as soon as a customer has s question or concern, he or she can get in touch right away.
  4. Add a visible search field that is accessible from each page of your website, especially your ecommerce section. Your customers need to find the products and services they are looking for. Make it easy for them.
  5. Add a recommended items and related products feature to the eCommerce section of your website. This practice can lead to more sales as customers see related products and services.
  6. Make sure you have calls to action strategically placed on your website. These can include promotions, deals, campaigns, etc. A well designed graphic with a call to action can go a long way when it comes to increasing sales on your eCommerce site.
  7. Consider adding relevant security badge images to your website. Some people still consider online shopping as a dangerous practice and well placed badges will ease the mind of a worried shopper. This is a great way to build trust on your eCommerce site.
  8. Break up the ordering process into smaller bite sized pieces. Online purchases can be a long-winded process. Creating smaller steps that allow the customer to see where they are in the process helps.
  9. Did you know that the majority of customers that abandon purchases do so during the order process? One way to help prevent this is to add copy to each order page that answers potential questions and builds credibility.
  10. Make sure that the cart and its contents are visible at all times. Customers like to feel in control of their purchases and this practice helps.
  11. Another eCommerce best practice is to show all fees in the shopping carts. We all hate hidden fees so be as transparent as possible at all times.
  12. It’s imperative that customers see a confirmation page before confirming their order. This allows them to review their purchase and make changes as necessary. Make sure this page allows people to easily make edits and re-calculate their total cost.

We all know that happy customers turn into repeat customers. Creating a user friendly eCommerce site will help keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Because each business is unique, eCommerce sections should be tailor made to best meet their needs and objectives.

Here at SHIFT Digital, we specialize in developing custom made eCommerce sites for all types of businesses. If you’re interested in having us take a look at your current site or want to develop a brand new one, contact us and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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  • Ydeveloper says:

    Both sides, the customer and owner, the best practices are will make them happy. What customers are looking for? A product that they like. Everything on the site from start to an end, should be easy.

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