10 Awesome Examples of Ecommerce Sites Using Responsive Web Design

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  • Great examples of some very cool e-commerce sites, Jacey. Nowadays, every business needs to make sure that their website is mobile-friendly, and responsive design is a great way to handle that. The businesses that utilize it will keep their visitors happy and engaged. Those that do not will find that their site will quickly become irrelevant, if it isn’t already.

    • You are absolutely correct in saying that those that don’t go mobile friendly risk losing customers! I would even venture to say that RWD websites can even be more effective than simply a mobile site because your users will always have the same experience no matter what kind of device they are using.

  • Josh Closser says:

    Great post! :)

  • I agree with your thoughts 100%. As more and more people use mobile devices it only makes sense to adapt and I think RWD may be the easiest way. Just the other day I found a great example of a ecommerce site that was viewable on my phone and I’ve said told everyone about it. It was one of those things where I work all day on a computer and when I go home, I really just want to relax and not turn my computer on. Know what I mean? haha. Anyways, I received an email that one of my favorite stores was having a sale, so I clicked on the link from my phone’s email and low and behold it worked. I was able to buy a few items without even turning on my computer, it was extremely convenient. That being said, great read and glad to see other stores are picking up on RWD, this is one trend that I hope doesn’t go away.

    • Lauren, I totally know what you mean! I feel the same way when I get home from work! I absolutely hate it when I click on emails that send me to weird mobile versions of the site so I am happy to hear that you actually found one that uses RWD to make it work! yay!

    • Marcel Bluvstein says:

      I work with EliteRestaurantEquipment.com we do not have a responsive site although we are working on it. For items like refrigerators do you think people are going to purchase them online? Also does anyone have any solutions for responsive for Magento?

  • Jim Bates says:

    Hi Jacey,

    Nice examples for sure! I have an article coming out later this week and another next week that cover in detail the pitfalls of not being at least responsive but adaptive in the best case. Here is a link to an Infographic we put up a few days ago that really details why you HAVE TO be on this edge if you’re a business! http://knoxvillebusinesslaboratory.com/is-your-companys-website-mobile-app-and-tablet-ready/

    Thanks again for the nice examples!

  • Thank you for sharing Jacey! It’s firms like yours that will help clean up the web and make the user experience a much easier! Forbes.com featured an article and our company (Trighton Interactive) last month. It’s great to see responsive Design getting traction finally. Thanks again!

  • Yasir Jamil says:

    Excellent post!
    I have to agree, as technology advances and networks become faster mobile shooing will play a major role for many e-commerce businesses. Site have to become responsive to different platforms in order to maximise on sales and user experience.

  • Zeke says:

    Great examples…I’ve been urging my clients for years to move to a RWD platform…one who did:


  • Guy says:

    Hi Jacey, do any infor on their platforms.. ATG, Hybris ..?

  • I am intrested in finding out more about what your company can do for me. Not currently happy with current web provider.

  • Andrea says:

    Excellent article showcasing some of the best responsive commerce websites. I have been rebuilding my own commerce site to be responsive and would really value your opinion and feedback.

  • Dave says:

    Responsive design is going to really blow up in the e-commerce sector, since the mobile purchasing trend is accelerating. I like the examples, but I’ve seen a bunch of them before. Here’s a great responsive e-commerce site that’s probably not on any lists yet.

    The Webstaurant Store – http://www.webstaurantstore.com/

    I think it’s still in Beta, but it’s pretty cool. Good to see e-commerce examples that aren’t online clothing stores. No offense to them, but variety is good too.

  • David says:

    RWD needs to be an enabler not a disabler. People too often jump on a bandwagon. Clearly trying to design an entire multi channel website with RWD in mind will have constraints that affect time to delivery and project costs. As with most things a pragmatic approach should be considered. Be responsive where you can but give yourself some wiggle room such as allowing the option to override presentation tier templates at a channel level will probably offer the most flexibility. Probably not as cool though!

  • Kul says:

    One concern I continue to have with the Internet and this is the forgetful blogger. One core component missing in this otherwise good article – you forgot about your audience, you forgot that some of us might not know exactly what RWD is! I am one of them that got half way through before being able to work out what RWD meant. With so many new and changing abbreviations around these days, a simple short paragraph defining this weeks jargon that is being used would help those of us whom have no clue what you are talking about.
    Otherwise, a good and helpful article that taught me a few things. Thank you.

  • Patrick says:

    There are some smaller stores that are diving into the RWD world as well. Quality responsive web design isn’t only reserved for the biggest operations with the deepest pockets. One awesome example is Ephedra Outlet (http://ephedraoutlet.com) who have done a great job at unifying their brand across devices. Disclaimer: I helped develop the site, but it was their original vision to go RWD instead of m-dot.

    Thanks again for the great article – it’s good to see what’s out there in terms of progress in e-commerce.

  • Hrishikesh says:

    excellent collection of sites. I would have loved to see Indochino.com in that list. We are working on a responsive theme for our store owners. Hope to have one of our themes in that list too!

  • Levi says:

    Thanks for putting this article together, Jacey. However, I must say that not all ecommerce sites need to be compatible with every computing device. This is largely the result of the business’ target market. I sell chainsaws and landscape equipment, by which my target market is an older and less tech savvy demographic which does not use mobile devices for its shopping and/or purchasing. Food for thought.

    • Hey Levi, you make a good point. I agree that right now, a responsive website is not necessarily the most economical option for every business especially if you have done research and determined that your customers are not making purchases on mobile. But at the same time, I think it’s important to always be forward thinking about what the future may have in store. Though this may not be something useful for your client now, it could very well be in the next few years!

  • Since the only viable alternative is a separate mobile site (which carried a huge maintenance overhead especially in terms of e-commerce) I’d definitely say responsive is the future. Much better than the older type liquid layouts.

  • Ben says:

    Jacey, I agree with you. I think that responsive website are a must. In 5 years if your website is not responsive it will effect sales! The other day I was looking for an Ice Machine for my kitchen. I went to a bunch of websites and came accross this great, simple, easy to use website.

    Check it out…



  • Chris says:

    I concur with this article. RWD definitely seems to be the future of web design.

    We just launched our website with the RWO design and we love it.

    Consolidated Foodservice:

    If there is anyone that has any suggestions, we would love to hear them.

    One of our fav aspects about RWD is the mobile friendliness

  • David Landriault says:

    85-90% of sites need a responsive web design. Look at your site analytics and see how many visitors are coming in from a mobile OS. It is usually very significant (25-45%). Sales on phones and tablets is off the charts. Mobile is being adopted faster than any platform we have ever seen. Its not the future, it’s already here.

  • Divante says:

    Great examples! We wrote about this post in eCommerce Trends report

  • Ajay Mohan says:

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  • Isabella says:

    Agreed responsive web design is the best way to ensure your app is running well on each device.Nice article.

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