Virtual Emcee vs Virtual Moderator

Let’s face it…we all desire things in life to be simple and efficient. And there is nothing more simple or efficient than having ONE point of contact…

  • When you are building a house, you don’t want to have to source and hire all the different craftspeople and tradespeople, you want ONE point of contact…the general contractor.
  • When you are making a video, you don’t want to have to research the different components of creating a video, who to hire, and what type of equipment to use, you want ONE point of contact…the producer.
  • When you are scheduling a meeting, you don’t know every decision that needs to be made or want to source and hire all of the vendors, you want ONE point of contact…the meeting planner.

Well that is EXACTLY how the virtual audience feels during a virtual event or a hybrid event. They want ONE point of contact. Not call this phone number for technical questions; email this person for more information on the topic of conversation; go to this off-site link to find out more about the speaker; click this button for general questions, but this button to question the speaker; or have multiple chat functions where no one is there to be a source of information. That is too confusing and that is NOT engaging. That makes it difficult for the virtual audience member to pay attention and to participate.

That ONE point of contact for the virtual audience is the virtual emcee (on-camera) or the virtual moderator (off-camera). The virtual emcee or virtual moderator is the conduit for the virtual audience. They are the person who has all the answers or who knows where to go to find the answers. They are the common thread running throughout the virtual event or the hybrid event. They are the person that the virtual audience comes to rely on for anything and everything they need. They are the simple and efficient solution.

So what is the difference between the virtual emcee and the virtual moderator? The ONLY difference is that the virtual emcee is on-camera and the virtual moderator is off-camera. See…it is just that simple!

And it is simply a necessity to include a virtual emcee or a virtual moderator in all of your virtual events and hybrid events to provide a unified “voice” for your virtual experience to guide your virtual audience along their journey + encourage them to participate + be there for them when they need help along the way.

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