How Long Does It Take to Deploy a Brand New Intranet?

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  • Intranet says:

    Hi Alexis,

    I think there are a whole set of concerns and requirements that you didn’t cover in your article that will need to be considered, in addition to your breakdown.

    For example, do you want your Intranet to be based on curated static content, or based on collaborative content, or both. Collaborative content implies very slow development and publishing times, such as in the case of developing a page on The development time of a single page that can be deemed “usable” by end users may take months. On the other extreme are Data Driven Web Site Compilers like NOUNZ, which can publish highly organized, and custom branded web sites that contain hundreds of thousands of static pages in less than an hour.

    Both concepts are at two extremes of the spectrum and need to be considered before deploying any Intranet solution, especially if you require a hybrid that links highly curated content to collaborative resources.

    It really comes down to manual content generation (social content) and site deployment vs. automated content generation (curated content) and site deployment. If you’re trying to manually build your libraries, catalogs, indexes, and links, all in addition to your content, you’ll never get anywhere. However, if you temper it with the right amount of automation, you can create hundreds of thousands (even millions) of automated pages that also include libraries, catalogs, indexes, and links, allowing for more content, higher quality, and much lower deployment costs.

    I hope this helps.

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