Glorious Intranet Search: Unmasked

Intranet Search

Salutations fellow intranet dwellers! Let’s talk about our friend, intranet search.

To this very day, I remember the moment I laid my eyes on that beautiful search box. Standing at a soaring 24 pixels in height, 148 pixels in width, I really couldn’t miss her glowing white rectangular shape even if I tried. Besides the physical attributes, intranet search offers an undeniable ability to help with my information retrieval needs. Truly, search is a glorious asset and essential to your intranet.

As your intranet grows so will the number of search result records that your end-users will potentially encounter. Intranet Connections Version 12 offers a number of features to help combat the intranet search problems faced by a mature, heavily populated intranet site.

Manually Add/Create Tags

Use security to delegate content management over your content libraries at a very granular level, providing content permissions to those who need it. Once you have decided who should receive content permissions, create a strict tagging standard for your intranet which defines the method of tagging content, and create a document for all of your content contributors to refer to when adding a new piece of content to the intranet. Add a link to this tagging standards document on your intranet to ensure it is readily available to your contributors. This document will need to be regularly updated as new tags are being added for new types of content.

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If there is concern over inconsistency in how tags will be used, even with a document outlining tagging standards, I suggest configuring your application to limit content contributors to the tags pre-defined by the site administrators. Administrators can pre-define tags under admin > Tagging.

Re-index Your Intranet Search

Every item (e.g. document, event, news article etc.) you add to the intranet requires you to fill out a form, and this form can vary in the type of fields it offers (e.g. title, webdoc, file upload etc). Our re-index feature sifts through the Intranet Connections database and re-indexes all metadata (e.g. field values) associated with each item record. You can re-index the site by going to admin > Site Settings > Search Options and clicking the Re-index my site data button.

Configure Search to Ignore Common Keywords

Under admin > Site Settings > Search Options, use the ‘Keyword Search Settings’ field to list common words that the search should ignore (e.g. and|a|is|the|then|). Here is a sample list you can use:

a | about | after | all | also | an | and | another | any | are | as | at | be | because | been | before | being | between | both | but | by | came | can | come | could | did | do | each | for | from | get | got | has | had | he | have | her | here | him | himself | his | how | i | if | in | into | is | it | like | make | many | me | might | more | most | much | must | my | never | now | of | on | only | or | other | our | out | over | said | same | see | should | since | some | still | such | take | than | that | the | their | them | then | there | these | they | this | those | through | to | too | under | up | very | want | was | way | we | well | were | what | where | which | while | who | with | would | you | your

Sort Your Intranet Search

On the same admin > Site Settings > Search Options page, you can choose a preferred ‘Default Sort Column’ value. The default is ‘Title’ but I usually sort by ‘Publish Date’ so that the most recent content always appears on top.

Full-text Indexing

Depending on the organization, sometimes end-users are more comfortable searching for content within uploaded documents, rather than how they have been labelled on the intranet. If this is the case, you can simply enable full-text searching. To enable full-text searching, you can go to admin > Applications > manage indexes and index all of your applications or each application separately.

Do you have any search improvement strategies that you’d like to share? Please use the comments area below or send an email to our stellar support team. For more intranet search tips and tricks download our Intranet Journey e-book.

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