Agency “Best Practices” for TV Ads Create Jobs for Community Managers

Identifying The Brands With Budget and Rising Needs for Community Management.

Have you noticed that many TV ads now include social media chicklets/icons and page names? Spring 2012 Ad Includes Social Icons

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Since so many consumers are already on Facebook (now more than a billion active users as of October 2012), many brands are taking advantage of the opportunity and capturing consumers attention & conversations where they already are, on social media. Brands have pages set up (fast, cheap and easy to do), but without including icons/social chiclets on the ads, they have to invest more money in Facebook CPC to quickly grow the community numbers. So onto ads icons must go!

We all know social media is home to the most vocal and demanding consumers so as big, active brands continue to invest millions in TV, and drive the most digitally connected & demanding consumers to their brand pages with social media icons, they’ll need even more support in every area of social media community management.

>> Will you be there to offer it to them?

Keep your eyes open for the TV ads and mass-media advertising from brands that you already purchase (you already know the community), and who include social media icons > these are the brands who will need social media strategists, community managers and event consultants to help them cover transitions and maternity leaves, vacations and special promotions & events. Do a Google search on the brand’s HR department or social media community manager and send them your resume with your vision for their community (from your personal expert knowledge of customer brand perception) > you never know when they might call!

[Update] There are brands, and we know who they are – the airlines, cable & wireless companies, the so-called “service” businesses that consumer Tweeters love to complain about on Twitter! These types of businesses and brands of all sizes are starting to experiment with social media and if they haven’t started to experience the need, they will soon realize the VALUE in having a dedicated community manager on “watch” 24/7/365 over their communities. A contracted offsite CMGR available to converse with their communities at any time of day or night is a much less costly proposition than to add another full time employee, who they have to pay additional salary to be “on-call” 24/7/365. While a few brands do have 24 hour staff on-site on their communities, most do not!

TV ads that advertise a business URL but that have no community manager watching the social channels will be at greater NEED for a community manager to wrangle the sentiment & tone of the conversations.

This awesome Gary Vaynerchuk video that I just saw inspired this update and as I saw a local lawfirm advertise on TV their URL and checked out their Twitter. What I found was a business opportunity!

@preszlerlaw Hi! Just saw your TV ad w/URL > have you thought about protecting your TV w/social?… cc: @garyvee #Sparkle

— The Sparkle Agency (@Sparkle_Agency) May 3, 2012

Note: This post was originally published to May 3, 2012. One week after posting, my theory was confirmed by Tim McDonald (founder of and CMGR at Huffington Post Live), who saw a new job posting by Lowes for a Social Media Community Manager!

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