Steve Wilkos Gets Hit in the Head With a Metal Bowl During a Brawl on the Steve Wilkos Show

Steve Wilkos Falls to the Ground After Being Hit With a Metal Bowl on Accident

Come on, Steve, I thought you were a total bad ass ;)

Everything happens so fast in the video that it’s hard to see where the bowl hit or if it just grazed him, etc… However, sources have said that the bowl struck him right above his eye and caused him to suffer from temporary loss of vision. However, there were no serious injuries sustained.

The Steve Wilkos show was being taped during a segment called “My daughter tried to poison me.” When the brawl broke out and Steve Wilkos was hit with a metal bowl.

Sources have said that there’s now a dent in the metal bowl where it struck Steve Wilkos. Since the event, the metal bowl, which is a prop on stage, has been bolted down to prevent it from being used in future attacks.

Steve, you’ve gotten in the face of child molesters, woman beaters, drug addicts, etc… Just daring them to hit you and you just got your ass handed to you by a metal bowl. Weak sauce.

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