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Wikipedia’s First QR Code Town Went Live May 19

Wikipedia’s first QR code town, Monmouth, Wales, went live over the weekend. The town of Monmouth, now called Monmouthpedia, has been affixed with countless QR codes. The goal of this was to make it easy for tourists and locals alike to get information on everything in the town, from plants and artifacts to buildings and points of interest.

The project has been in the works for a while and according to TG Daily, “More than 1,000 QR codes have been added to schools, shops, and other buildings. Thus, the local bakery links to articles on bread-making, and pubs to their histories.”

It was also important that the QR codes are accessible to everyone, so the information was translated into over 25 languages, from Hungarian and Hindi to Indonesian and Welsh. PC Mag notes, “Organizers will be deploying four types of QR codes for the event: larger ceramic or metal plaques for outdoor venues; smaller ones for objects non-specific to Monmouth, like the Flora and Fauna guide; glass stickers in the windows of shops; and information posters, signs, and notice boards.”

Bryan Laurienti, lead graphic designer at BBB Systems, said, “It will be interesting to see how visitors respond to the QR codes at Monmouthpedia. If the project is successful, we can expect more ‘Wikipedia’ towns to begin popping up.”

What do you think of Wikipedia’s QR code town?

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