Why Companies Must Do Much More with their Mobile Presence

I received a good amount of feedback on my last post, “WHAT Are Companies Doing with Mobile?,” and you may notice a more deliberate title for today’s blog that conveys the concept of Mobile Presence.  Let’s pick up from the last blog and lay out WHY companies will have to do much more to advance their mobility strategies.

Let’s start by stating the obvious, “It’s early days for mobility.” Companies are just starting to figure out what they want to do, beyond just having an app that conveys static information. These same companies quickly realize that the number of downloaded mobile apps isn’t the only metric should be the primary focus of determining success.

Including the Essential Ingredient
Typically, most consumers download apps – curious to assess its utility – and quickly delete once the app is deemed to be irrelevant.  Active usage is a far better measure but it is still only a means, not an end.  Fundamentally, companies will have to align their mobile customer service strategy with their business strategies. Many companies can leverage mobile customer service to save costs while others can focus on growing revenue, but in addition to either, or both, access to service is an essential ingredient in the next phase of their mobile evolution.

Relevancy Equals Repeat Usage
Today’s apps will likely go through an iterative transformation from static, “me-too” apps to much more dynamic, relevant apps. There are some lessons to be learned from non-business apps.  For example, incorporating the right combination of social and location-based capabilities can make using an app very engaging.  This “relevancy” is the key to repeat usage.  Since I’m more and more convinced that apps will represent the “virtual” front door to any consumer business, access to customer service is also a critical factor in this transformation. The point here is not to always offer customers a phone call to an agent in every situation.

Design with a Consumer Perspective
Rather, companies should transform the static, one-sided nature of current apps, into a way for customers to connect to your business.  I’ve personally been frustrated many times by, what appears to be a good mobile app, which ultimately dead-ends without providing a means to escalate my problem. This scenario is very frustrating from a consumer perspective and is indicative of where these apps came from.  The mobile app developer never considered it a mistake to just show a mobile version of your “Contact Us” home page.  This is not bad design by the developer’s standards, but it is a horrible experience by your customers’ standards.  It is in fact, completely counter-intuitive to all the brand-based rationalization used by marketing to fund many of the mobile apps out there on apps store. In my final blog of this series, I will go into specific tips on HOW to transform your current “me-too” app into a truly engaging one. In the meantime, find out more about Genesys Mobile Engagement.

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