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Using QR Codes to Sell a Product

We all know QR codes are great for promoting specials and events, but what else can they do? Toys R Us is a great example of a company that is using QR codes to sell products that are too big to display in their stores.

Items like trampolines, pools, slides, clubhouses, and picnic tables can’t be displayed in Toys R Us because they’re too big, a fact that undoubtedly hurts sales.

The solution? The company is putting QR codes in stores that link to videos of products all set up and in use by children. Now, Toys R Us customers will be able to envision how the items might look in their own backyard, which could definitely make them more apt to purchase it.

Mobile Marketer quoted Meghan Kennedy, a spokesperson for Toys R Us as saying, “We continue to look for ways to enhance our mobile capabilities and provide a seamless shopping experience for our customers.”

Bryan Laurienti, leader of BBB Systems’ design team, suggests, “Use QR codes to link to how-to videos, to highlight video testimonials, and to display products like Toys R Us did. The great thing about QR codes is how versatile they are and how easy they are for your customers to access them from anywhere at anytime.”

What do you think of Toys R Us’ in-store QR codes?

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