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Top 5 Apps to Help You De-Stress at Work

De-stressing at work isn’t something that you can pen down as your New Year’s Resolution and hope that it will resolve itself in the long run. Work related stress doesn’t just go away. In fact, one out of four people say their job is the primary source of stress in their life. Some of the causes of stress are high workloads, unrealistic deadlines, pressure and harassment; things that you can’t really take out of any company overnight. However, failing to de-stress could produce more problems like unproductiveness and increased health risks. And since you can’t really kill your boss to stop all the madness and stress around you, the best solution we can give you is to use your iPhone to practice some good de-stressing techniques! Here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Relax and do yoga breathing through Yogic Breath.

It may seem impossible and weird to do pretzel positions in the office just to de-stress but you’ll be surprised by what yoga can actually do for you. Yoga requires a lot of stretching and breathing practices that promote good blood circulation. It also decreases and controls stress hormones like cortisone and adrenaline and helps battle depression. But since you can’t always roll a yoga mat out at the office, you can simply do some yogic breathing through an iPhone app called Yogic Breath. It teaches you basic to advanced yoga breathing exercises that will help you keep your focus and stress levels in check while working!

Get active by drinking lots of water and exercising using MyFitnessPal.

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Studies show that too much stress can endanger your health like obesity can. There were even studies that showed that a stressed person’s health almost equals that of a 40-lbs. overweight person! To prevent this, take some time to exercise and watch your diet closely, especially if you are living a sedentary lifestyle. MyFitnessPal is a great app even for non-dieters because it has so many features that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app as well as the desktop version allows you to log the calories you intake, your weight, the glasses of water you drink and the exercise you do every day, even at the office. It even counts up all the calories you burn while exercising!

Breathe easy with Breathing Zone.

One of the easiest ways to figure out if you’re under a lot of stress is if you tend to be irritable and angry all the time. When this happens, the best way to deal with it is to reign in your anger for a while and do some deep breathing. There’s actually an iPhone app called Breathing Zone that analyzes your breathing patterns and helps you relax in just five minutes. The app features calming sounds, timers and breathing guides that will help you get back to Zen mode in no time.

Sleep well with Sleeping Zone.

Another great way to de-stress is to get a good night’s rest. Having enough sleep not only increases your productivity, it also amps up your creativity and overall disposition. Of course you can’t sleep at the office, but it helps to make sure you sleep well at home. But since work-related stress also causes change in working hours and bad time management, the amount of sleep you get can also be affected. So to help you doze off at the right time of night, try a sleeping iPhone app like Sleeping Zone. This app helps you fall asleep quickly by projecting blue signals on your ceiling as you lie down that you need to synchronize your breathing with. It also plays several sounds that will help you sleep (from rain falling to cricket noises) all throughout the night.

Wake up early with Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock.

When you sleep well, it’s not very hard to wake up early in the morning with a smile on your face. But if you’re still getting used to going to sleep early, you also need to adjust your waking up habits at the same time. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is the best iPhone app for people who hate frightening alarm clocks. It uses your iPhone’s sensors to monitor your movement and check what phase of sleep you are in. The alarm goes off during the lightest phase of your sleep so you don’t feel too tired when you wake up.

While these apps have proven to be helpful in reducing stress in one way or another, dealing with stress at work always depends on your own coping mechanisms and motivational factors. Sometimes, it’s enough to know that stress is a normal and sometimes even helpful part of your work life. Overall, it’s a positive outlook on life that will keep you stress-free!

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