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The Impact Mobile and Pad Technology Will Have On The Way We Do Business

Business man using pad technologyIn recent meetings you have likely noticed a few of the attendees sporting sleek new pad devices. At a minimum, a few of those attendees were avoiding eye contact by pretending to check their email on their smartphone; devices which seem antiquated in the face of some of the newer technology. Mobile is ubiquitous. And not only are these devices here to stay, by our estimate they will transform how we do business within our company and with our customers. The fact is, the popularity of these compact, yet powerful devices comes from the ability for the user to stay plugged into their business and home life anytime, and from anywhere. But where does your enterprise see the benefit?

Enhanced Productivity

Throughout the day, we all experience a significant amount of down time. Whether it be sitting on the train, at the airport, or watching our child’s loathsome dance practice… kidding.

Most of us don’t want to constantly be tied to work, but sometimes it is convenient. If we can do a little work now, maybe we can reduce some of the pressure tomorrow when we get into the office. Mobile Pad technology is ideal for this type of off-site work. Pad devices essentially have all of the same software that you need to do your job and in many industries can be linked directly into your enterprise network. Pads are inherently linked to the cloud which enables cloud collaboration features.  For more on this, read our whitepaper: Use Cloud Collaboration to Increase Business Productivity.

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Increased Portability

To this point, your mobile IT initiative has been focused on making sure employees have access to email, phone, and maybe some sort of VPN client on the road. However, this involved hauling a laptop and BlackBerry, may it rest in peace, from meeting to meeting or city to city.

Pad devices change the landscape of mobile IT. For example, you probably have seen a wayward business traveler skyping into a meeting at the airport from their iPad. That is not to say this was not possible with a laptop, it was just cumbersome. And with the recent release of the Kindle Fire HD with extremely cheap 4G LTE ($50 a year?!?!) any cost prohibitions we once saw have been obliterated.

Reduced Restrictions

Those of you in mobile IT information security will likely not want to hear this, but consider lifting some of the restrictions you place on enterprise devices with regard to pads. Why?

These devices are really designed to cross the work-life boundary and simplify how people manage their life. If you implement draconian rules on what your staff can do with the device, they may just as well leave it on their desk. Being a little more lenient will go a long way to getting the most out of your mobile IT investment.

It is time to begin working pad technology into your mobile IT strategy.  If you don’t, rest assured you will be left behind.

Cloud Collaboration Whitepaper

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  • Another thing businesses should consider implementing into their mobile business strategy is online video. Companies like mine (KZO Innovations, help businesses to create their own video content without the help of professionals. Implementing online video into your existing enterprise software system can be an effective way to keep employees in the loop–it’s easy to update and can be accessed from anywhere, which is especially beneficial for a mobile workforce.

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