The Best Mobile Apps for Money Management

There are tons of mobile apps out there to help individuals manage their money, but what’s available for small business owners? These days, a whole lot! There are many great apps out there for small business owners to manage their money more easily. Some of them are uniquely made for small business owners, while others are actually for personal money management but can be used for small businesses, too.

If you’re looking to use cutting edge technology to keep your business running smoothly no matter where you are, these small business apps could be helpful. Here are the five best mobile apps for money management for small business owners.

1. BillTracker

This is a relatively simple app that can be used for both personal money management and small business money management. Essentially, it helps you keep track of every bill that you need to pay, including the dates bills are due, the amounts that are due, and whether or not you’ve already paid the bills.

Pay bills online but have trouble tracking all the websites, user names, and passwords you need to do it? BillTracker can help with that, too, by tracking all your account information, including, even phone numbers for customer service lines. Besides this, you can view all your bills in a calendar format so that you can more easily manage your business’s cash flow. If you have trouble juggling all the bills that come with a business, BillTracker can make your life simpler, especially when you set up monthly recurring bills so you never forget to pay those set bills that are sometimes the easiest to forget!

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2. iBillTo

There are several small business apps out there to track things like travel time and work time on certain projects if you bill by the hour or the mile. However, if you want to be able to do many of those functions at once, iBillTo is a great app for you. Basically, this app allows you to compile information on all the clients you’re working for at the same time. You can save, for instance, the rates at which you’re working for each client and the hours you’ve worked on each project. Plus, you can track expenses, which is helpful when it’s time to make an invoice.

If you do extensive traveling to get to your clients and bill for that, you might add the TSheets Time Tracker app to your repertoire, as well. This app allows you to use your phone’s GPS to track travel distances, though you can track the time you’ve worked on a project just as easily using iBill To.

With iBillTo, you can also generate reports really quickly. This makes the process of making invoices simpler, since you can have rates, hours worked, and expenses all right there in front of you.

3. Invoice2go

Speaking of invoicing your clients, Invoice2go can help you do just that. Small business owners and freelancers alike will appreciate the simple interface that allows you to create up to three invoices at once for your clients. You can send clients both estimates and actual billing invoices on the go.

Invoice2go also comes with a Lite version, which is free. The paid version may be worth your while, since it has more functions and can let you work on more invoices at once. However, if you just want to see if you like the interface and the way this app works, you can download the Lite version for free to give it a try.

4. PayPal

For freelancers and small businesses alike, PayPal has quickly become one of the best ways to send and receive payments. You can safely get payments from clients around the world, and PayPal makes it easy to track payments for cash flow and tax purposes. Fortunately, PayPal offers a mobile app that allows you to do pretty much all the same things you can do when you’re logged into your PayPal account at the computer.

With this app, you can send payments to suppliers or receive payments from clients just about anywhere. You can transfer money between accounts, or manage employee’s PayPal cards for business expenses. The app makes it easy to do it all on the go, and it’s pretty much as simple as using PayPal online like you may already do.

5. Mint was primarily created to help people manage their personal finances, but it can just as easily be used for business purposes. A huge part of managing your business is simply managing cash flow and a budget. Mint can help you do that, and the mobile app is just as easy to use as the actual website.

One thing about Mint that’s great is that it’s very graphic. Instead of having to deal with just numbers, you get your budget laid out on a bar graph. With a glance, you can know about how much of a budget for business lunches, office supplies, etc. you’ve worked through in a given month. Plus, with Mint you can set goals to help you save up for things like new equipment or office parties month by month.

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