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QR Codes vs. SMS

It looks like SMS marketing might soon be replaced by QR codes. More and more brands are turning to QR codes instead of text messages to promote marketing campaigns, specials, and social media accounts.

According to an article on Mobile Marketer: “Nowadays consumers cannot go a day without seeing a QR code – whether it is on a magazine page, billboard or bus shelter. In past years, SMS calls to actions were seen just about anywhere. However, many current marketing efforts are not incorporating SMS, but rather placing a QR code on products to drive user engagement.”

And while SMS is still a popular form of marketing, QR codes are more interactive and engaging to consumers, the article went on to note. “SMS gives brands an easy, broad reaching and low cost means of consumer communication via the mobile channel – and as you know, is ubiquitous, but it lacks the rich media experience that QR codes can deliver.”

Bryan Laurienti, leader of BBB Systems’ design team, said, “When it comes to marketing, it’s important to not completely forgo one tried and true technique for the latest and greatest technology. Rather, marketers should try to incorporate a variety of marketing techniques to find what works best for them. It may turn out that some marketing efforts work better in conjunction with each other.”

From Bath and Body Works’ QR code mailer campaign and Susan Komen using QR codes to drive charitable donations to QR codes being used to promote a movie, there are countless ways marketers can use mobile technology to their advantage.

Have you used SMS or QR code marketing to promote your business? Have you found that one works better than the other?

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