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QR Codes Gaining in Popularity

Example of a custom QR code

There’s good news for QR code marketing enthusiasts today, as Media Post is reporting that QR code use in magazines is not only on the rise, but garnering big results for businesses.

Media Post said “According to a survey of the top 100 magazines in the U.S. by circulation from Nellymoser, the number of “mobile action codes” rose from 88 in January issues to 507 in September issues.”

That’s a pretty big jump, right? Media Post when on to quote the author of the study, Roger Matus, as saying: “The 476% growth in [QR] codes [January vs. September issues] is being driven by advertisers. This shows that codes are no longer just a technology. Brands would only spend their advertising dollars on the codes if they are seeing value in the results.”

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With QR codes popping up everywhere these days, from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Chili’s Restaurants, it’s easy to see that they’re here to stay. What’s even more interesting is to see the ways they’re continually evolving by becoming more eye-catching with custom logos, designs, and colors, and more interactive to enhance user satisfaction.

“On the whole, mobile codes in magazines are being used by marketers to enhance the existing print creative with multimedia or to generate leads through promotions,” Media Post ended the article by saying.

What do you think of QR code marketing? Have you given it a try yet? And if not, what’s holding you back?

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  • QR codes are gaining in popularity, but it is amazing how many codes are not tracked. They just link directly to the home page for example.
    QR codes are like any traffic medium, they need to be tracked to ensure they are being used effectively.
    Encoding the homepage directly into a QR code is also wrong, what if you want the code to point to a different URL later on? Dynamic QR codes are the way to go.

  • Passing trend. Gone this time next year replaced with something that isn’t so restrictive. Not everyone has a phone that can read them so marketers miss out on huge numbers by using them.

  • I strongly disbelive the theory that the QR codes are dying out. On the constary they are blosoming and can be seen on more and more places. Only for 2011 there has been 600% increase in the use of QR codes. Of course these numbers have stopped to grow so fast, but at least they do not drop. As long as the trackability is concerned everything can be put down to the way the user is engaged. How the code looks, where is it placed, what will happen after the scan… The factors are many. Last but not least important is the fact that smartphones are becomming more, cheaper and this increases their usage significantly. As we know they are the main reading tool for QRs. In QR we trust!! (:

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