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Mobile World Congress 2012 Highlights

The Android display at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile industry event in the world, is being held this week in Barcelona, Spain. The event began yesterday and continues through Thursday, March 1.

The Mobile World Congress website says, “Our industry is redefining “mobile.” No longer limited only to communications, mobile is now a force transforming our world in an unprecedented way. Mobile connects, entertains, informs and inspires us, ultimately changing how we live and who we are.”

The event is filled with high-tech advancements in mobile, including a powerful 41 megapixel camera phone from Nokia. The phone is said to be released in May with a price tag of $600. Also making its debut was a phone by Huawei, which the company is claiming to be the “world’s fastest phone.” Called the Ascend D quad, CNN reports that “[it] features much-vaunted quad core technology — twice the processing power of most new devices — and runs Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the Google-linked Android operating system.”

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CNN also noted that “Other hot gadget announcements include phones by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. Its One X, One S and One V devices feature 4.3 inch screens made of toughened Gorilla glass and eight Megapixel cameras.”

Not too into phones or cameras? Ford chose Mobile World Congress to debut its new mobile app-friendly vehicle with SYNC. CNN says, “The B-Max is the first car in Europe to feature SYNC, a voice-recognition system developed by Ford and already available in some U.S. cars. The system links audio, phone and GPS systems and will also call emergency services in the event of a crash.” The CNN article went on to note that, “SYNC would “allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel,” and said his company was working with app makers to further improve security.”

Here’s what else you’ve missed at Mobile World Congress so far: “The comeback of stylus pens, which phone makers want us to use to scratch notes onto smartphone screens that can also be controlled with the touch of a finger; cell phones that work as office projectors; LED lights that illuminate on the outside of the phone based on what you’re looking at on the screen (if you see a photo of a sunrise, Wired writes, the phone will shine red); and 3-D smartphone screens. A reviewer from the blog VentureBeat recently wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note, a “phablet” that has a 5.3-inch screen (compare that to the iPhone, which measures 3.5 inches diagonally), is “hopelessly dorky” — but also interesting,” says CNN.

We want to know: What has been your favorite Mobile World Congress highlight so far?

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