Mobile Moms: Targeting Power In The Pocket

Mobile Moms: Targeting Power In The Pocket

Ten-month-old Harry needs his lunch, his baby signing class is at two, there’s a pile of ironing looming ominously in the corner, the shopping needs to be done, seven-year-old Jodie finishes school at three, her dance class is at five, the family’s tea needs to be on the table by six. With an ever-increasing to-do list, there’s little wonder that most moms don’t find too much time to sit down at the pc. Enter the mobile mom.

With an annual spending power that has marketers rubbing their hands with glee ($2.4 trillion) and a daily media time of 2.7 hours spent on their mobile phone, ignoring mobile moms, the most influential consumer segment, and the so-called power in the pocket is a bit like trying not to notice the elephant in the room. Want another jaw-dropping statistic? According to BSM Media (a leading provider of Mom Marketing programs), 85% of moms utilize technology to aid in shopping making most moms, mobile moms.

Marketing to mobile moms

Mobile moms benefit from 24/7 connection to the mobile media channel and inherently understand the value that well-positioned mobile advertising offers them. It seems a bit of a no-brainer and the real question is not whether to include mobile marketing in an advertising repertoire, but how to effectively target mobile moms in your promotions.

Many companies make the mistake of building a page on Google+ Local and leaving things at that. A few with a little more perceived insight may even go so far as to build a mobile version of their site. That’s not to say that these approaches aren’t valid, but on their own, they simply aren’t enough.

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If there is a marketing takeaway. it’s that the explosion of mobile commerce has irrevocably changed the path to the cash register and brands need to create multiple touch points in order to effectively leverage the time spent by mobile moms on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

It’s a view shared by Fred Cavazza. Writing for Forbes, he explains why launching a mobile app is pointless. He recommends a diversified approach that caters for different contexts and user types. Think about it. There are four versions of a mobile website to be considered – smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and connected TVs, the same amount for mobile apps – Android, Apple’s proprietary iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. He points to the need to develop internal competencies in this vast and increasing marketplace of mobile moms (and mobile teens and others who’s online life revolves around mobile devices), stating that outsourcing to mobile agencies is a waste of time and money.

Capturing the mobile mom

Businesses of all shapes and sizes should take advantage of the mobile mom market. A startup business, particularly one ensconced in the venture funding round stage, has an unprecedented and undeniable opportunity to show sharp angel investors that they have their fingers firmly on the pulse of mobile moms and know what it takes to succeed in an increasingly mobile marketing environment. It makes sense to include the cost of a mobile manager savvy with mobile moms and associated internal team in the request for capital funding.

How will your business respond to the exceptional opportunity presented by the power in the pocket held by mobile moms?

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