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Making Your iPhone Child Friendly

child friendly iphone

Apple products are always known for their ease of use. Their computer software can be easily navigated. Their programs are very user – friendly, making them a popular choice among people who only need to use simple computer programs, such as high school and college students.

Of course, their ubiquitous iPhone is well known for its very user – friendly interface. People can open an iPhone and instantly use it without needing an instruction manual. That’s how easy and intuitive it is.

Now, while we’re on the subject of iPhones, you’ll notice that more and more kids are getting iPhones these days. Of course, we can attribute that to the easy-to-use interface. The iPhone also has a host of other capabilities, like GPS, that allows parents to track their children’s whereabouts with the right app.

However, there are other ways to make the iPhone friendlier for kids, as long as you supervise them. If you have a child, or a younger sibling, then take these tips into consideration.

Use Your iTunes Account

When downloading and installing apps onto an iPhone, iTunes asks for your password before the download starts. This prevents anyone from installing (or purchasing) any apps you don’t want.

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In the same way, you can use your iTunes account to filter what apps can be installed on your child’s iPhone. You can pick out the apps that are appropriate for them.

This is a great first barrier for protecting your son or daughter, because not only does it save you money, it also teaches the kid to be responsible. They will learn what kinds of apps are useful, such as apps for Math, Science and reference material. They’ll also learn how to enjoy free games, instead of expensive paid games.

Fix the iPhone’s Settings

One of the many cool things about the iPhone is that it uses its GPS capabilities for some great geo – tagging apps, like Instagram, Facebook and other picture sharing apps.

However, the downfall of this feature is that it could make your kid vulnerable to thieves if their location is available on Facebook. It’s up to you to control these apps in the Settings menu of the iPhone.

Another cool thing about the iPhone is that it has certain parental control features, such as limiting what apps your child can use on the phone. All you have to do is go to Settings, then General then Restrictions.

To enable Restrictions, just enter a four – digit password and then you’ll be able to restrict what apps can be opened. Any restricted app will then ask for the combination whenever your child attempts to open it. This will keep your children away from a lot of stuff that can distract them.

You can also install apps to find the kid’s iPhone if they ever manage to lose it. Apple’s own Find My iPhone is a useful app, and it’s free. Aside from that, the lock restriction for the home screen can be limited to ten attempts. If the thief doesn’t manage to get it right by the tenth time, all data on the phone will be wiped out.

Review the App Itself

While using your iTunes account is a great strategy to filter out what content goes onto the phone and what doesn’t, it’s still important to review the apps your kid wants to install.

Check what it does, features, costs and other things like that. Ask yourself, “Will this help my child in the long run?” If yes, then go for it. Dictionaries, calculators and a host of productivity apps are always a good investment on an iPhone.


Even if the iPhone is user friendly, it may not be safe. There are precautions you can take to make the iPhone even safer not just for your children, but for you as well.

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