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iOS 7 Could Integrate LinkedIn

Apple may introduce a functional integration with LinkedIn into iOS 7, according to 9to5Mac.  Apple has supplied code-based references to deep LinkedIn integration in the beta version of iOS 7.  The integration could push through if testing proves successful.

The code shows that a single sign-on system could be in store for LinkedIn, similar to how iOS currently works with Facebook and Twitter.  According to developers, certain bits of code are missing for the integration to be activated.  iOS 4 tested Facebook integration but it didn’t happen until iOS 6.

Deep integration on Apple’s iOS can significantly boost traffic and usage for a social network.  The social network, such as Facebook and Twitter, would be included in Shared Links, searches, and linked with Siri.  Integration also means that there will be a featured music station on Apple’s iTunes Radio that plays tracks trending on the social network.

Credit: LinkedIn

Credit: LinkedIn

Apple has not provided an exact date for the release of iOS 7.  However, the new operating system will likely be rolled out in conjunction with the next version of the iPhone sometime in the fall.

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LinkedIn has seen its traffic spike by 63 percent as a result of company executives and world leaders, which LinkedIn refers to as “Influencers,” blogging on its site.  Twitter and Facebook has largely been publishing platforms for the masses, since Tweets and status updates are short texts unable to convey significant or substantive messages.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has increasingly becoming a publishing platform for famous executives in addition to being the world’s most popular business networking site with 225 million members.  Influencers are a select group of people in leadership positions posting their blogs on life and careers.

Bill Gates, Jeff Immelt, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, President Barack Obama are among the more than 250 select contributors on the site.

However, the site is facing competition from emerging business-oriented social channels.  Oogwave, founded by Gaurav Jain, lets an organization’s employees join groups, share files, and collaborate on a team project within a social network setting.  Membership to a group is largely restricted to users possessing an official company email address, similar to the early years of Facebook when only official university domains were accepted during registration.

“We provide a platform for SMBs globally to simplify sharing within businesses, to save time and add to their productivity,” says Jain, a native of India who started the company in the mid-2000s.  “Oogwave is a content sharing collaboration platform. We find that most collaboration tools are focusing on the wrong aspect of the product. They tend to emphasize communication among users, rather than the content generated by activity.”

Will LinkedIn evolve into a collaboration site for business users?  It already possesses the targeted audience – working professionals and executives – to make the transition plausible.  For now, it seems LinkedIn is evolving into a publishing and media platform.  So far, the move has significantly boosted its traffic and online presence.

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