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Google Study: When 70% of Mobile Searchers Call, It’s Time to Focus on the Phone

mobile click callA new study of 3,000 US smartphone users, conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Google, has revealed some important data about how having a way for your customers and prospects to reach you is critical in the age of the mobile phone.

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results

Think about the behavior of mobile searchers. They’re on the train or in their carpool during their morning commute, browsing on their phone or tablet; they’re in Starbucks scrolling away while sipping coffee; they’re surfing while they’re eating lunch. When they come across something that grabs their attention, they’re going to do the easiest thing they can do to get more information on a mobile device: click to call. 70% of mobile searchers report that they click to call directly from the search results to connect with a business. In fact, the study says, Google ads drive over 40 million calls each month. That’s a lot of phone calls. If you don’t provide a phone number on your website, PPC ads, etc. how many leads are you missing out on?

61% of mobile searchers say it’s important to have the ability to call

The findings of this study state that calling is most important for searchers when they are in the research and purchase phase. That means when they are learning more about your company and when they’re ready to close the deal, they are calling your company. When it comes to them exploring your website, would you rather they continue searching on their own and potentially not find the answer, or would you rather them pick up the phone and call you directly so you can answer all their questions? When it comes to them making a purchase, would you rather they go through the checkout process alone and potentially abandon their shopping cart, or pick up the phone and enable you to upsell and cross-sell them? The choice is yours…but with numbers like 61%, the choice is obvious.

33% of mobile searchers said they would be less likely to refer a brand to others if the brand didn’t offer an option to call

Do you really want to be the business that is perceived as not wanting to talk to their customers? Obviously they want to talk to you, and they may take it a bit personally if you don’t provide the option to talk—going so far as to not recommend you to their peers. Having a phone number or a click to call button on your website or ads influences brand perception: a phone number says “Call me. I’m here to help you.” Not having one might scream, “This isn’t even a real business! We’re afraid that if you call us, you’ll find out!” Don’t be that brand.

The numbers don’t lie. Prospects want to talk, and if you want to do well, you’ll make it possible. Want to learn more? Download our white paper, Marketing to Smartphone Users: New Mobile Strategies for Driving Sales Calls.

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