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Enriched Media: Augmented Reality With Fewer Gadgets

Back to back, two new apps have popped up to follow in the path blazed by Shazam, the popular music app that lets users discover the music that is playing around them.

Digimarc enables publishers to enrich any kind of media without compromising the visual appeal. Using embedded watermark technology, the app is able to pick up pertinent information that is undetectable to the human eye.

Yahoo! also made headlines with the US launch of IntoNow, an iPad application that detects what you are watching on television and automatically synchronizes multimedia and social networking content for a complete TV companion experience.

When it comes to media apps, it is understood that the real deal breaker is simplicity. The invisible line that runs between “I use this all the time” and “This is cool but I can’t really be bothered to use it” is the new horizon. Idea after idea, technological feat after technological feat, we’re getting closer to the goal: instantly enriched media at the click of a button.

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