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In today’s article, we’ll go a bit deeper into the realm of connected TV advertising. It’s tough to know where to begin and what channels will develop and how they can be utilized for marketing initiatives. This is why we’ll have a few of these tutorials to start getting the gears in motion for all you (genius-level) early adopters.

We all know the power of the internet, and the broad reach of the TV screen. It’s an amazing marriage for advertisers.  In one my more recent posts I stressed the opportunity of a connected TV optimized website.  Let’s move away from that arena and get into some details about TV Apps, which are far more exciting and the next step in Connected TV advertising.

Consumers today are utilizing more and more applications. Applications have proven to make tasks easier, more seamless and more enjoyable then simple web browsing. The mobile and tablet space sees an incredibly large number of people taking advantage of these applications. It also sees an incredible number of marketers taking advantage of this audience and creating branded apps to engage these consumers. If you have checked out the numbers of applications in App stores and the even greater numbers of downloads you’ll see that the strategy has been successful at epic levels.

It makes sense from the consumer viewpoint and thus from the marketers viewpoint.  Apps make life easier.  They can provide direct information, direct services or direct novelty on a simple screen with simple actions.

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The connected TV environment  is another area where apps will provide a huge amount of relevance for the consumer and marketer alike as they can be created to provide benefit  of not just the living room space, but also the nature of television.  This means that Apps created for the TV will take advantage of a huge screen with an endemic feel and equally important, can be a family affair.

It’s simple. One can create, deploy and market all types of TV applications. We’re in the process of quite a few of these at CTV Advertising.  Given the screen size TV Apps can possess stunning visual displays and enhanced video capabilities, simple or intensive functionality, and integrative features that can be utilized with social media, second screen devices, television programming and Ecommerce/TCommerce.

Do you need more specific reasons as to why this will be a powerful marketing and advertising channel?

Mindshare: Apps have an incredibly powerful ability to capture attention daily.  Individuals often use their apps daily and when they do, there is not interference like there is with other marketing platforms.  They interact within the app and nothing else.  Your message/brand hits them directly without static and without interference.

Unsaturated Space: At the present moment there are few functional TV apps in existence. This means that while the amount of Connected TVs has grown, there are very competitors for Application driven attention and mindshare. This allows for corporations with excellent branded applications to dominate the marketplace with their relevant marketing experience.  Let me put it this way, the most downloaded (to date) App in the Samsung TV app store is “How to tie a tie”.

Novel format – People are not used to television Applications and the incredible array of functions they can possess. By allowing consumers to utilize a breakthrough app, there is an inherent “Cool factor” the availability of “novelty” and an enhanced method of buzz/viral marketing.  This ability to integrate this new media even in idea itself provides buzz. Just imagine how widespread an App that goes viral on the TV could be.  If you want a marketing equation;  Novelty + buzz multiplied by  wide audiences multiplied by daily engagement=  marketing rock star.

Monetization- Most marketing tools serve only secondary revenue generating capabilities. They are enacted to gain new customers, engage users, create loyalty and drive sales. They rarely are direct revenue producers. Apps however can be used not just as branding, but also as a strong potential revenue producer.   Whether they are a paid model or advertising model, the potential for revenue is massive.

Pretty compelling reasons. Do you have some reasons why Apps have been powerful for you? Let us know in the comments below. 

Author: Zachary Weiner- CEO LuxuryReach Inc,  Head of Luxuryreach Inc’s Connected TV advertising  and marketing division CTV Advertising.   Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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