A Look Back in Time at the First Smartphone Ever

Recently the experts at the History Channel named the smartphone as the #1 gadget that helped changed the world.  So with this in mind, let’s take a look back at the very first smartphone ever.  The first smartphone ever was the IBM Simon.  The IBM Simon was designed in 1992 and originally shown as a concept product that year at COMDEX, the computer industry trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The IBM Simon was later released to the public in 1993 and sold by BellSouth. In addition to being a mobile phone, the IBM Simon also contained a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail client, the ability to send and receive faxes, and games. While the IBM Simon did not have any physical buttons, consumers used a touchscreen to select telephone numbers with their finger or created facsimiles and memos with an optional stylus. In addition, text was entered with a unique on-screen “predictive” keyboard.  By today’s standards the IBM Simon would be a fairly low-end product, because it lacked a camera and the ability to install third-party applications. However, and the time its features were considered highly advanced.

Below is an image of the IBM Simon.

IBM Simon: First Smartphone Ever

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