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8 Great Email Apps For Business And Leisure

Since Yahoo! just launched a brandnew email app today, we at Mevvy take this opportunity to share our 8 favorite email apps with you!

While we may neglect our social networks now and again, we always need to stay closely attached to our emails – whether they are work-related or personal. Here are 8 great apps to help you get the most out of your inbox!

Sanebox – Keep The Junk Emails For Later

If you get lots of newsletters and pointless emails Sanebox is a great companion to keep your inbox clean. It filters the important from the non-urgent, and makes it easier for you to focus on those messages that matter.

It works great with Apple Mail, Outlook, Sparrow, Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! Mail.

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - Sanebox

Away Find – Let Only Urgent Emails Get Through

Are you checking your emails every 5 minutes? Are you struggling to stay productive with all those messages flying in in the background? Then Away Find is for you. Tell Away Find which messages are of highest priority and close your inbox.

Away Find calls, emails, texts or instant messages you based on your settings!

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - Away Find – Have Emails And Text Messages Read To You While Driving

You’re on the road, and keep receiving emails & text messages on your mobile device. You need to stay updated, but can’t read, drive and respond at the same time. No problem!

Recommended for YouWebcast: Sales and Marketing Alignment: 7 Steps To Implement Effective Sales Enablement will read any text message and email to you out loud. Additionally, it will auto-respond to the sender, without you having to touch your phone!

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - -


Mailbliss – No WiFi closeby? Receive Your Emails As Text Messages

We often find ourselves travelling (especially abroad) and without internet connection. Now there is a way of getting access to your email without WiFi.

How? It’s fairly simple. First, sign up for your Mailbliss email account. Share this email address with those who matter to you. Any emails sent to your Mailbliss email account will be forwarded to your phone as a text message.

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - Mailbliss

Rapportive – Get All The Info About Your Email Contact

Personal connections matter; and Rapportive is here to help you build yours with your email contacts. With this simple plugin, you’ll be able to unify all the info you need about a person – be it his location, work info or social media accounts.

You’ll have it all in one place – right in your Gmail account!

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - Rapportive

NutshellMail – Get A Daily Social Media Summary In Your Inbox

Apropros social media … tired of monitoring all your social media accounts? Then NutshellMail shall become your new best friend.

With NutshellMail you can connect all your social networks, and get a full activity report in your inbox – daily, or on your own schedule.

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - NutshellMail

Wisestamp – Supercharge Your Email Signature

We send dozens of emails each day – but do all of them carry the right stellar email signature? With Wisestamp you can create dynamic email signatures – which means you can include not only links to your social networks, but also latest newsfeeds, tweets and custom content.

It works great with all major web-based email providers like Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL and others. I wouldn’t send one email without it …

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - Wisestamp

10 Minute Mail – Generate A Temporary Email Address To Save Yourself From Spam

How often do you need to provide your email address somewhere? If you know you won’t need the account you should consider 10 Minute Mail instead of jeopardizing your sacred inbox privacy.

Use 10 Minute Mail to create a temporary email address (guess by the name how long it lasts …) alongside with an inbox where you can receive a confirmation link and unlock the desired page.

8 Great Email Apps For Business & Leisure - - 10 Minute Mail

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