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5 Great Productivity Tools for Multiple Devices

Your schedule is packed and, to makes matters more confusing, you’re juggling multiple devices throughout the day. You need a productivity tool that keeps you on track, whether you’re on a laptop or a tablet. Here are five useful productivity tools that can keep you on track across multiple devices.

1. KanbanFlow

I’ve been using KanbanFlow for the past couple months and I really like it. It merges two concepts that I need in productivity tools. First, it lays out tasks in a clear, uncluttered format, à la the Kanban method, whether you’re working as an individual or collaborating as a team. Second, it tracks time with a built-in Pomodoro timer. I find the timer incredibly useful for independent work that requires deep concentration.

KanbanFlow functions as a webapp and is available through mobile devices, although the timer isn’t on the mobile site.

2. Evernote

Evernote is designed to help you “remember everything.” It’s a powerful, multi-platform, multi-device tool that lets you record and organize large, diverse amounts of information.

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There isn’t one strict way to use the tool effectively and, for many, that flexibility is part of its appeal. If all the possibilities are overwhelming, there are plenty of resources that offer instruction on how to use Evernote to its full potential.

3. Yast

With its clean, user-friendly interface and multi-device capabilities, Yast is one of the best time tracking products out there.

It rolls out projects in a timeline fashion, presenting data on project duration and team involvement in a manner that’s compact and easy to interpret. It comes with a timer that can be used to monitor and record your working time, or you can manually adjust the slider on the timeline.

4. A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is as simple as it is useful for organizations that do a lot of group brainstorming. When you’re constantly collaborating, it’s helpful to exchange ideas in a way that is accessible, timely, and well recorded. This tool does just that, functioning as a whiteboard that saves and shares the ideas you jot down across computers, tablets, and smartphones.

5. iDoneThis

iDoneThis emails your team an important question each evening: What did you get done today? Available through the iDoneThis website as well as on apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, it’s a sleek and simple management tool that records and shares completed tasks.

It’s perfect for business settings where you want to keep team members on the same page and need to pinpoint areas where productivity could be improved; it’s great for individuals who want to record personal accomplishments, too.

When life gets chaotic, technology can feel more like a hinderance than a help. Great productivity tools keep technology working for you even during hectic times by cutting through the clutter and organizing your life, no matter what device is close at hand.

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