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4 Awesome Home Improvement Apps That Every Homeowner Should Download

You’ve just finished your three-day living room renovation project and have decided to reward yourself with a hard-earned glass of lemonade. You take a swig, and as you set the glass down on your newly-installed shelf, you notice something horrifying – the liquid inside the glass is leaning significantly to the left. So what do you do now? You pull out your smart phone and you level that problematic plank out.

Recently, a number of mobile apps targeted designed to help with home improvement have hit the market, and they can make your next big domestic project easier than ever before. Thanks to a cunning bunch of DIY developers, your smart phone can now serve as a level, a ruler, or even modeling device. So before you start tearing out the drywall in your bedroom, check out these awesome home improvement apps today.

Home Design 3D

Every good home improvement project starts with a plan. LiveCAD’s Home Design 3D can help you draft that plan. This nifty app turns your smart phone into a 3D modeling device. You set the dimensions of the room you’ll be renovating, then add and rearrange furniture and appliances until you come up with a blueprint that you love. It’s a great way for, say, the indecisive bathroom renovators among us to try out different plumbing fixtures before they make a commitment.

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Bubble Level

Never let a crooked shelf spoil your lemonade again. The Bubble Level app, designed by Antoine Vianey will make sure that all of your home improvement projects stay straight and true. The app is incredibly simple to use, but highly accurate nonetheless. It includes both a standard bubble level as well as a 3D plumb level that can be useful whenever you decide to redo your fence.

HandyMan DIY

Wowzer Software’s HandyMan DIY app is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to home improvement projects on the mobile market. Amateur handymen (or handywomen!) can find step-by-step instructions for over 500 common home improvement projects. As if that’s not enough, each featured project is also accompanied by a materials and a cost calculator that can help you determine how much you should budget. For anyone still wet-behind-the-ears to the DIY game, this app is a must-have.

ID Wood

So you want to build a cabinet. What type of wood are you going to use? Mahogany? If so, what type of Mahogany, Fiddleback or Honduras? You’re going to use Honduras? What cut of Honduras, Plain Slice or Quarter-Sawn?

There are thousands of different types of wood available to ambitious craftsmen. The ID Wood app by Double Dog Studio is your key to navigating through the chaos. ID Wood contains encyclopedic entries for 160 different types of wood, including high-res pictures, common uses and a detailed description the likes of which has never been seen in print before. Don’t look like a fool at your next amateur carpenter’s meeting. Download the app. Know your wood.

Don’t work harder to get your next home project completed, work smarter with the help of these awesome DIY apps. They can provide even the most amateur remodelers with all of the information needed to make remodeling a home simple and easy. So stop twiddling your thumbs. Download these apps today and tackle those crooked shelves like the home improvement hero you were meant to be.

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