10 Best Cloud Applications for 2011

If you are looking for cool cloud applications to work with, then I think that you might want to read this. Here is my year ender list of the best cloud applications for 2011.


Pixlr is an image editor cloud app that allows you to edit an image from the web browser with no installation needed.


Picnik is also a free photo-editing cloud application that lets you edit your pictures like a pro.  Once the edit is complete, you can save your work directly to your computer with ease. There are tons of really cool features  that would unlock if you upgrade your account.

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Soundcloud enables you to upload your music files and play it online. Soundcloud provides a widget to play a certain music or recording when it is embedded on site.

mintMint Accounting Software

Mint is a free cloud application that helps you optimize your financial needs. Easy Access is only minutes away from registration so check it out.


Dropbox allows you to back-up or store your files online with the use of cloud storage. Dropbox would save you a huge amount of time and hard drive space once you have backed-up your data to the cloud.

Mail Chimp

Believe me. MailChimp is a cloud application used for e-mailing campaigns. Although it may look like I am joking (I wish I was) but, MailChimp is fully packed with hardcore e-mail marketing automation features, an organized subscription management as well as catchy designs that are easy to make and operate. This cute little monkey is armed a wide range of designs to choose from and modular template that users can change from time to time.

Google Cloud Apps

Google Docs offers word processing, spreadsheets and storage in the cloud. Google Docs along with Gmail, Google Calendar, Sketch Up and all sorts of Google cloud applications are available here. You can synchronize with other authorized users to edit a file using Google Cloud Connect technology. If you want to know more about Google Cloud Connect, then this is a link for an introductory video.


Evernote is one of the best multi-platform and moble cloud application that enables users to take down notes, capture an event, record a meeting and save it on the cloud. Now if I am going to come up with a brilliant idea, take down notes, and would need to save it somewhere, Evernote might probably be one of my options. You should do it too.


Flickr is one of the world’s most favorite media organizing site for storing images (mostly images) and videos online. Upon registration, the end-user can upload 300MB of pictures and 2 videos for every month. Once upgraded, the user can have unlimited storage and access with no irritating Ads and will be granted with HD playbacks for uploaded videos.


HootSuite is  a Social Media dashboard to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Ping.fm, WordPress, etc. You can easily connect all your social networking accounts with this cloud application and on one tab. HootSuite can be easily configure and it has really cool features once you upgrade to Pro. I personally tried this app to see and I think it works great.  Oh, and it also comes with an iPad and other mobile versions too.

As Pete Cashmore of Mashable has said about Hootsuite: “HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results.”

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  • Allan, nice picks. It would have been awesome for you to do a little ‘preamble’ on your criteria for ‘cloud’ apps. All of these are great cloud based apps, true. However, most of my clients would not ‘get’ how apps like flickr and mail chimp are not ‘web’ apps as opposed to ‘cloud’ apps.

    You and I may understand the difference, but clients get all misty-eyed when you start trying to explain the tech side. I pretty much leave the ‘cloud’ discussion to Goolge, Amazon, and our own VoIP for business solutions. Most of these I would leave under my ‘general’ or browser interface app solutions. and if I can ask, why soundcloud over spotify?

    • Allan Oguis says:

      thanks kevin~ I’ve checked out spotify and its only available for selected countries. While with sound cloud, anybody could easily sign up using their facebook accounts so its easy to login and share it with people. I think Spotify would make it on the list for 2012.

  • Nice! i havent heard about MailChimp before until i saw this list. i think ill try it out later. And also, i use SEESMIC for my socialmedia dashboard. you can also link your facebook and twitter accounts there and it has a small alert box that appears on the lower left of your window that notifies you if there are any social activities.

  • Great work Allan! I totally agree with Hootsuite. Hootsuite the only social media dashboard that I’ve been working with ever since. Relative to Sam’s post about seesmic, there are numerous SMDs all over the net like Threadsy, Myweboo, Spredfast and others. It’s just that I’ve gotten used to using my ol’ Hootpal. :)

  • John Abrena says:

    Great post Allan! Next time…. ehehehe~

  • Great post Allan, but I was wondering why you picked soundcloud over Spotify?

  • How would you feel if all these tools were built into one single platform? Apptivo (http://apptivo.com) is such a platform.

    More interestingly it is absolutely FREE.

  • Kelsey says:

    I don’t really enjoy Hootsuite, but I do like Sendible. My company, Brosix, also has a web-based business chat client that I use as well.

  • Allan Oguis says:

    Thanks Sam. I almost had second thoughts about trying MailChimp at first. But I ended up using it because of functionality. For seesmic, I’ve used it too right before I fell for Hootsuite. :) seesmic works on silverlight and I think it’s cool too.

  • Nick Lachey says:

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