Your Top 5 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Your Top 5 Tips to Grow Your BusinessWhether your sales are sluggish or your business is bursting-at-the-seams, these five marketing tips will help you to expand your reach, get you more clients and customers, and grow your business.

1.      Make your website responsive…please:  In short, a responsive website is one that can be easily read and navigated on a tablet or other mobile device (smart phone).

Your current and potential customers and clients are using their phones and tablets to read your blog, to make appointments, and to buy your goods and services.

Almost any website can be made responsive.  But depending on how old your site is, it may be more cost effective for you to just create a new site.

Many companies don’t have responsive sites or they are difficult to use, so this is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

2.      Review your website’s analytics, often:  Effective marketing is responsive to customer and client needs. To do this you need information.

An analytics report will help you to determine how your current and potential customers are using your website.

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You’ll find out how many people are visiting your site, where they’re coming from, and whether or not your call-to-action is effective (people could be responding to your call-to-action but there may be a problem with the order forms or another technical problem that’s driving them to your competitor’s sites).

This information is gold and should already be provided to you by your webmaster.  If not then visit Google analytics at: for more information.

3.      Update and compare your current and ideal customer profiles:   If sales aren’t where you’d like them to be it may be because you are not attracting your ideal client or customer to your business.

By closely examining who your current customers are versus who you’d like to attract, you may see gaps in your marketing message.

For example, if you are a financial planner and your current client base are retired married-men but you want to attract more women ages 45-65, you will need to adjust your marketing message.  This brings me to tip #4…

4.      Go to where your clients are…literally and virtually:  Networking groups both online (blogs and other social media outlets) and offline (trade shows, chamber of commerce meetings, and conferences) are still one of the best ways to introduce your business and product to your ideal client.

But you have to be smart and don’t just network with other professionals in your industry.

For example, if you are mortgage broker don’t just network with area realtors; try sponsoring a booth at a home improvement DIY conference.  Imagine, hundreds or even thousands of homeowners, investors, and manufacturers who may want to talk to you about refinancing, flipping property, or investing.

5.      Align your pricing with your branding.  Branding is directly related to the kind of customer and client you want to attract to your business (see tip #3).

If you want to be the low-price leader, then it makes sense to keep your prices at or below what your competition is doing and include a price matching policy as part of your marketing mix.

If however, you have a high end service or product, you shouldn’t put your services on sale too often or charge too little. You’ll leave a high end client wondering about quality and trustworthiness.

Bonus Tip:  I have one more tip for you that will help you grow your business but it isn’t a “marketing tip” per se.

Here it is: make sure that you have the support staff you need to implement your marketing strategy.

Marketing, especially when you are trying to do it yourself or with a marketing team of two, is time consuming.  If it isn’t done thoughtfully, then you are likely to create opportunity costs in lost time and revenue.

I’d love to hear your comments.

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