What Came First – The Tweet or the Egg?

what came firstOh it’s a tweet.  No it’s a Facebook notification.  Oh wait it’s a text.  Now an email…


This may be an exaggeration – but not by much.  That thing that some check on average every 20 minutes is called a smart phone. The Millennial generation even sleep with it by their head and check it first thing in the morning.  They share information almost as fast as my mother uses guilt.

So why should you care, you ask?

Well – now you know what you’re up against when it comes to how to market your product or service – the smart phone.   Armed with instant information sharing – such as apps, texts, emails, and alerts.

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Which means – you need to ensure your marketing is simple, clever, and to the point.  That includes your website, too.

So how do you determine what comes first – tackle these 5 core areas and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

1. Website – is your site mobile friendly (if you have to pinch your fingers, it’s not mobile friendly) and easy to navigate?

2. Keywords – are you actually using keywords (SEO) people actually use?  And do you check your analytics weekly, if not daily?

3. Social media – are you using social media as a tool to build a relationships with your customers and engage with your followers rather than as just a sales tool?

4. Blogging – are you blogging weekly – focusing on how you could help solve a problem for your customers?  And keeping the blog entertaining and to the point? Do you have a social sharing app that allows for easy sharing?

5. Email marketing – on average, people receive 50 emails a day.  Yup.  50!  Are you the pink elephant in the room when it comes to your email marketing strategy?

If you answered yes to all of the above – you get a gold star.  If you answered yes to most of the above – you get a silver star. If you answered no or maybe…we should talk about how to build a roadmap for success in 2013.

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