Transparency In Marketing Works

transparency in marketingAdvertising and marketing are often met with cynicism, probably for good reason. Brands have a long history of lying or massaging the truth to put their products or services in a better light. Advertising has a reputation for deception.

In a 2012 survey by Statista on United States consumer opinions about advertising, 53 percent agreed that “most marketing is a bunch of BS.”

But, with the advent of the Internet and the freer travel of information, consumers are smarter. Customers can wise up to false advertising claims and better yet, broadcast and share their discoveries with others very easily through the Internet and social media. Read our article about how online customer reviews are important. So, naturally, a forthcoming brand should fare better in today’s world.

Maybe that’s why McDonald’s Canada has found so much success with its new marketing campaign of answering customer’s questions. In the video below, the marketing director explains how the McDonald’s food in advertising and commercials appears so much more appetizing than in real life.

Do consumers appreciate honesty as the best way to communicate or is it simply a refreshing change of pace for advertising? Can a brand’s advertising even be considered credible considering over half of consumers believe it’s all untrue?

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