Top 10 Marketing Posts Of 2012

top 10 marketing posts of 20122012 has been an amazing year for us at Business 2 Community and an exciting year for marketing as well.  In tribute to our valued contributors, I have curated this list of the Top 10 Marketing Posts  published on Business 2 Community in 2012.

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I hope you enjoy these Top 10 Marketing posts, and that you have the happiest holidays and best of luck in 2013!

The Top 10 Marketing Posts of 2012

What Michael Clarke Duncan Taught Me About Branding & Business Relationships – #RIP

By Harmony Major,  @PrezNC – Published September 4, 2012

In this article, Harmony pays her tribute to the late actor by describing some important lessons about being authentic, finding your calling in life, and how that related to branding, business relationships and life general.

The Nine Hottest Android Tablets For Kids And Education [Pictures]

By Eric Lai, @ericylai  – Published September 12, 2012

Despite the success of the iPad and iPod Touch with children and schools. Eric highlights the best alternatives from the wave of Android devices and tablets tailored specially for kids and teachers.

Be Aware of Socialcam and Viddy on Facebook

By Brent Pohlman, @brentpohlman – Published May 4, 2012

In this warning post, Brent Pohlman warns of the dangers of Socialcam and Viddy on Facebook. Although published earlier this year, the article has particular relevance with the latest news on Instagram.

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Rolls-Royce Is Rollin’ With The Times

By Colleen Petitt, @ColleenPettit – Published September 13, 2012

Rolls-Royce has thrived during the best and the worst of times and they continue to showcase their ability to innovate by incorporating the latest social, mobile and digital marketing approaches. Colleen suggests that this is a brand that is “rolling with the times”  though a customer-centric strategy, and a strong focus on customer service to drive sales.

20 of the World’s Wittiest Twitter Bios

By Mark Schaefer, @markwschaefer- Published February 1, 2012

In this post, my good friend Mark Schaefer identifies an amazing list of curated “witty” Twitter bios along with some great bonus content on “clever,” “funny” and just “best” Twitter bios. Thanks Mark!

72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

By Tom Pick, @TomPick – Published July 23, 2012

Another person who I have tremendous respect for, Tom Pick does a great job curating this list from just past the mid-point of the year of some amazing marketing facts and statistics. I think you’ll enjoy every one of these and may even be able to use some in your next “why social media is important” presentation.

5 Tricks To Make Your Blog Popular

By Warren Wooden, @plrnetmarketing – Published January 30, 2012

In this post, Warren offers some fundamental tricks such as “increase your social media following” but also some surprising tricks such as “weekend blogging”  to making your blog more popular.

Top 10 Marketing Trends of 2012

By Sookie Shuen, @sookieshuen – Published January 18, 2012

While this article by Sookie Shuen was posted at the beginning of the 2012, these 10 marketing trends are just as important for 2013.

All Fake, Duplicate and Cat Facebook Profiles Will Be Deleted

By Chelsea Hejny, @chelseahejny – Published August 23, 2012

Another popular Facebook article, Chelsea explains why you likely saw the removal of your “secondary” facebook account or the account you created for your cat.

Top 25 Most Popular YouTube Videos Of All Time: What Makes A Video Go Viral?

By Megan Marrs, @marrsipan – Published October 2, 2012

This is one of my personal favorites, namely because it is a subtle review on the state of popular culture. From Gangnam style to Bieber to Lady Gaga, these top 25 YouTube videos are not just fun to watch, they also can teach us some interesting lessons on what it takes to create content that spreads. (PS – My favorite: Charlie bit my finger – again !).

My Bonus “Top Marketing Post” Picks:

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