Tips for Sustainable Marketing

Great marketing doesn’t have to be wasteful. While most of us may associate direct marketing with billboards and brochures, there are hundreds of ways to reach your customers without using non-renewable or wasteful materials.

These seven eco-friendly marketing tips are effective, inexpensive, and very easy to implement. Try one – or all seven – next time your business needs a sales surge that is just as healthy for the environment as it is for your bottom line.

1.     Take your advertising budget online

Brochures, flyers, and other forms of offline advertising can be wasteful, particularly when they’re distributed en masse. Take your advertising budget online and spent it on web banners, rather than eco-unfriendly offline banner advertisements.

2.     Focus on direct, high-value sales

There’s no reason to waste resources targeting people that aren’t interested in your business. If you run a B2B business, try targeting high-value, lucrative sales rather than wasting your resources trying to reach every potential customer.

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3.     Attend trade shows and events

Trade shows are a great eco-friendly marketing opportunity. With the right exhibit, you can reach customers and new clients without having to print excess brochures or wasteful print advertising.

4.     Reuse your trade show displays

Pack up your trade show display and use it again next year. By investing in a high quality trade show exhibit, you can make small changes to branding for each new show, instead of buying a whole new unit.

Durable items such as display stands and high-quality queue barriers can be used again and again, saving you the cost and environmental impact of buying new items for every sales event.

5.     Try green, eco-friendly guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing gives you the reach and influence of a traditional offline display campaign without the wasteful brochures or posters. If your business sells directly to consumers, try using chalk or murals as forms of eco-friendly advertising.

6.     Direct leads to online sales materials

These days, almost every business is online. Instead of printing thousands of sales brochures for prospects, give them a one-page summary and direct them to your website for a more detailed, interactive look at what your business can offer.

7.     Avoid billboards and traditional signage

‘Traditional signage is effective, but it can also be damaging to the environment. If your business is trying to expand its network of customers, focus on trade shows and online marketing – two far more eco-friendly marketing tactics.’

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  • Thanks for this. I am always stressing the importance of on-line marketing to my boss, hopefully this will convince him to move towards the paperless office I have been trying to push forward.

    Brian. SHN

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