Support Your Local Post Office Before It’s Too Late

Can you imagine living in a world where mail simply did not exist? It would be somewhat difficult to receive your mailed prescriptions or your monthly order from your favorite online store. However, as budget cuts continue to be made in different postal locations all around the country, it is time to start truly supporting your local post office, otherwise it may end up being too late. Not only would the post office and its employees suffer from the shutdowns, you and your small business would suffer as well. As a business owner, you will likely need to send and receive mail quite often – from printed postcards to samples to supplies – but if the post office is closed, how will you send out and receive those important pieces of snail mail? It just would not happen.

Budget Issues and the Post Office

The United States economy continues to struggle after the Great Recession, which left the economy crippled for quite a while. Even now, several years after the recession has ended, the economy for the nation as a whole is still not at pre-recession levels, and many states within the country are struggling to pick up the pieces. Budget cuts continue to be made and services that we have all become accustomed to are starting to suffer from these cuts as well.

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There are certain services that we tend to take for granted, which includes public transportation and postal service as well. Post offices around the country are struggling to meet their budgets and surpass the red zone, which is causing a serious crisis. If things continue to go this way, mail as we know it may come to an end.

Some people may not feel concerned, especially with the advances made with technology and the increasing number of people using the Internet. However, it is not just letters that are provided by the postal office; the postal office also delivers magazines an all sorts of products that are typically purchased online. There are some individuals who rely on the post office to receive the medication that they need. The basic truth is that Americans need mail, which means that postal service is a necessity.

Supporting Your Local Post Office

There are numerous ways in which you as a small business owner can support your local post office. One of the best ways to support the post office is to do business with them. Rely on different services that are offered at the post office, which ultimately helps to keep them in business. Many post offices also sell greeting cards, so if you are planning on buying such cards, purchasing them from your local post office would be ideal, especially for additional support.

Some small business owners do not know just how beneficial combining an online campaign with a print campaign can be. For instance, if you are having a Labor Day Weekend Blow Out Sale, don’t just advertise this on your website. Send out an email blast, mail postcards that contain extra discounts, and mail VIP letters to your top customers to bring in for early shopping. If you have an online catalog, consider mailing a print catalog quarterly as well, or more often if customers demand it. Mail documents when faxing is not necessary. Send customers “Thank You” notes by mail rather than email; a handwritten notecard is much more personal anyway.

Get creative and start finding ways that you can support your local post office. If every business, organization, and individual used the post office on a regular basis, the postal system might just start find its way on top again.

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  • Supporting the Post Office is all well and good as long as it makes business sense. For example, buying greeting cards means they see a sales uptick and the card, drug or retail store you previously patronized see a sales hit.

    Eventually if there are too many choices some will fall by the wayside For example, in addition to the USPS, home delivery is run by FedEx, UPS, and newspaper delivery services. If some of them can be more effective and efficient than the USPS is a dinosaur. Conversely, if the USPS can do a job better than the other three then the USPS should be aggressively going after the business.

    With the US economy as troubled as it is we all must do what makes the most sense and let the chips fall where they may.

    • True…when it comes to business, to survive in this economy we certainly have to do what makes business sense.

      However, I do hope that this article can bring awareness to the situation and hopefully remind businesses that valuable marketing can still be had through “snail mail.” And businesses will be helping the USPS in the process! :)

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