Small Business Marketing Ideas: It’s Time to Shake It Up!

Are you stuck in a marketing rut? Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix! Embracing a fresh way of advertising could help you reach new consumers and boost your profit — and who couldn’t use more of both?

If you’re ready to shake it up, here are five small business marketing ideas to choose from:

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Running a pay-per-click campaign for your business can be a great way to reach your target market. But before starting your PPC campaign, you’ll need to do a little research on what keywords would be the best to target. Once you have that down, you can work on your content. Your ad should be short — but catchy — and should be directed toward a relevant landing page. If you’d rather, you can also hire a company to create and run your PPC campaign for you so you get the results you want without having to spend any time on it yourself.

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Social Media

Don’t have social media accounts set up for your business? That’s just silly! There’s no reason not to take advantage of social media marketing — it’s free to use and it can net you great results. At minimum, set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business and use them to interact with your followers. You can do this by posting engaging content, whether from outside sources, your own blog, or a mix of both, and be sure to keep the sales-oriented content to a minimum. Social media isn’t really about selling; it’s about building long-term relationships with your target audience, which will hopefully turn into more profit for you over time.

Email Newsletters

Want to keep in touch with your customers? Email newsletters are a great way to let your customers know about upcoming sales, new products, exciting changes at your company, and interesting industry news. When writing your newsletter, pay specific attention to your subject line. It should be attention-grabbing, witty, or funny to help ensure people read your newsletters (rather than delete them) once they hit their inbox.

Seasonal Marketing

With the holidays right around the corner, you might want to start thinking about how you can leverage seasonal marketing to your advantage. Think decorating your retail store, creating holiday-themed ads, and updating your website with seasonal colors and images. One of the good things about seasonal marketing is that you can opt to do something that won’t tap into your marketing budget, like sending out tweets and Facebook updates with holiday images/content. Or you can choose to do something a little more in-depth, like hosting a private holiday shopping event for your best customers with provided refreshments.

Mobile Marketing

Would your customers be receptive to QR codes? You can’t find out if you don’t try! There are many sites online that will let you generate a free QR code for your business or you can pay a designer to create a custom QR code for you with your logo, an image, and/or your company’s colors. Once you have the design down, you can decide if you want to link the QR code to your website, (if you don’t have a mobile site, linking to your website isn’t a good idea) social media sites, or even a special landing page designed just for your mobile marketing efforts. Your landing page might highlight a special discount, your store hours, or an upcoming promotion. You can encourage people to scan your QR code by placing it on your storefront window, t-shirts, vehicles, and even your business card.

So what’ll it be? Will you try a marketing tactic from this list or choose something else? There are plenty more small business marketing ideas to choose from, including press releases, flyers, direct mail, and SMS marketing. Be sure to come back and let us know how shaking up your marketing strategy turned out!

We want to know: What small business marketing ideas are you interested in trying?

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  • Great information, Shannon – I would love to do a pay per click campaign. I’ve done them on Facebook, but I’d like to do one on Google Adwords, but it feels too big. What I love about Facebook is that it’s so easy – but I worry that people become ad blind and wonder if Adsense would bring me more of my target audience to my blog and not just to my Facebook page.

    What I need, I think, is a Google Adsense for Dummies check list of what to do.


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