Please Don’t Call Them Industry Rags!

Not everyone likes trade publications, I realize that. Some say they spread industry rumors…and that they’re not always accurate…and that no one has time to read them anyhow.

I get that.

But repeat after me: Your customers do read these publications. They have information about your industry that other media outlets don’t have. That’s just a fact.

And if someone doesn’t see the print edition, they can get the information from the publication’s digital edition or web portal. And if they miss it online, they can get it through Google searches. And even if they don’t get it in a search, reporters are increasingly promoting their work through social media, particularly Twitter.

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And great media coverage in the trades helps your marketing. It just does.

The truth of this simple observation was borne out this week when one of our financial services clients loved the article we placed for them in a major industry publication. It doesn’t matter which publication – maybe it’s your industry’s leading trade.

It was a very well written, well sourced article by a reporter who has been covering this industry segment for years. She understands what is going on, and she is always looking for new trends to uncover (long before someone at The Wall Street Journal will).

The set up was perfect. The reporter was talking about a trend that will have a major impact, now and in the future, on how the customers in this industry look at their suppliers.

Some of our client’s competitors – including the largest one – were also quoted. But the great thing is, our client was quoted extensively talking about the most important element in the change going on in the segment. And that change also happens to be an important component of our client’s going-forward strategy.

So here’s my question to you…would you rather quoted in that article the next time around, or would you prefer to let your competitors hog the space?

Your call.

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